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2023 Virginia

PR Award #: H323A220006
Name: Virginia Department of Education
Title: Virginia Department of Education’s Multi-Level Approach to Building
City, State: Richmond, VA
Project Director: Samantha Hollins
Project Director Email:


This proposal expands upon MTSS work in Virginia be embedding practices that are intentionally inclusive of students with disabilities, focusing on increasing knowledge of pre and in-service Pre-K to 12 special and general education teachers who support students with disabilities in the areas of MTSS components and effective interventions (evidence-based and high leverage practices, functional behavior assessments, behavior plans). Expected outcomes include improved academic and behavioral outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities; improved special education teacher retention rates; alignment in pre and in-service learning content; and increased capacity to scale up and sustain inclusive MTSS in Virginia. 


 This project design is anchored within a cascading model of support, ensuring all levels of the educational organization receive professional development and coaching needed to embed effective interventions within an inclusive MTSS framework to support students with disabilities. An external evaluator will provide ongoing data analysis for program measures and project measures that drive adjustments to interventions based on defined need. Outcomes that will be monitored include: student academic and behavioral progress, special education teacher retention rates, and alignment between pre and in-service professional learning provided to K-12 teachers as related to inclusive MTSS and effective instructional practices.