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2023 Northern Mariana Islands

PR Award #: H323A230008
Name: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Public School System (CNMI PSS)
Title: Project Higai
City, State: CK Saipan, MP
Project Director: Donna Flores
Project Director Email:


the Project Higai improves educational results of children with disabilities through: (a) establishing a stakeholder-responsive professional development (PD) system that engages special education, general education, and families to ensure PD translates to improved practice; (b) expanding current PD by increasing the use of technology to deliver PD designed to improve high-quality educational programming through the development of high-quality IEPs; (c) preparing and supporting a cadre of implementation support practitioners (ISPs) to model and coach their peers in the use of the PD delivery system; and (d) developing a collaborative, responsive PD system that recognizes the learning needs throughout the system. 


With dedicated project personnel, PSS establishes local, regional, and national partnerships to support the development, implementation, and evaluation of project goals: CNMI PTI program will bring in family voices for improving system and student outcomes; UOG CEDDERS, regional IHE and TA provider, will support the implementation and evaluation processes; NASDSE, national organization for special education leaders, will incorporate the Leading by Convening framework for developing a stakeholder-responsive system; and AIR through its OSEP-funded PROGRESS Center and NCII will make available relevant resources specific to special education evidence-based practices for incorporation into the PSS virtual PD system and development of ISPs.