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2022 New Mexico

PR Award #: H323A220010
Name: New Mexico Public Education Department Special Education Division
City, State: Santa Fe, NM
Project Director: Lisa Creecy
Project Director Email:


The purpose of the ECLIPSE program is to increase learning and development for students with disabilities in Pre-K through Grade 2 regarding structured literacy by supporting districts and schools to engage in evidenced- based professional development. This will be accomplished by–

  1. supporting effective implementation of structured literacy through an evidenced-based coaching framework,
  2. collaborating with partners and stakeholders to support effective implementation of structured literacy,
  3. providing leadership learning on effectively supporting the implementation of evidence-based coaching, and
  4. providing parent/family members ways to support students’ understanding of structured literacy outside of classroom settings.


The ECLIPSE project will support implementation of Structured Literacy™ which includes culturally appropriate systems change by working collaboratively across agencies to align efforts. Diverse perspectives are ensured through a network improvement community established to engage statewide partners. ECLIPSE will use the Practice-Based Coaching framework and provide professional development to district cohorts across project years. Schools selected to engage in the project will receive high-quality professional development and build their coaching practices to support implementation of Structured Literacy™. Participating schools’ teachers will receive coaching. School and district leaders will implement plans to ensure sustainability. Families will engage in literacy learning opportunities.