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2019 SPDG National Meeting Breakout Forum Sharing Session 2

Forum Sharing

Session 2

Behavioral Supports and Coaching for MTSS Implementation

We will discuss the layers of support involved in implementation of behavioral supports within an MTSS framework.

Presenter:       Kristen Perez-Rickels, MEd, SPDG Behavior Specialist, Oklahoma
                        Mary Ann Shepherd, Ph.D BCBA-D, Behavior Consultant, Oklahoma

System Level: State, District

Educator Shortages in Special Education Toolkit

This session will highlight the GTL Center and CEEDAR Center’s Educator Shortages in Special Education Toolkit that is designed to lead state teams through a collaborative process that examines shortages across the career continuum and helps to establish a comprehensive approach including both short- and long-term strategies – for addressing shortages. This toolkit provides tools and implementation resources to guide data-informed decision-making, collaborative planning, and continuous improvement.

Presenter:      Mary Brownell, Director, CEEDAR, University of Florida
                       Amy Colpo, TA Specialists, CEEDAR, AIR

System Level: State, District

Title IIA – Supporting All Educators Through Professional Learning

Every educator deserves access to high quality professional learning to be able to serve the needs of all children. The Every Student Succeeds Act includes a definition of professional development that is consistent with the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. Join us in this session to learn about critical professional development supported by Title IIA, the Supporting Effective Instruction Grants, and the impact that it is making for educators and students.

Presenter:        Melinda George, Learning Forward
                         Elizabeth Foster, Vice President, Research and Standards, Learning Forward

System Level: State, District

Breaking the Mold of Tradition

Shifting the focus of the statewide system of professional development (PD) to be on coaching has required breaking the mold of tradition.  This transformation has pushed PD providers outside of their comfort zones; but yet increased statewide collaboration and shared learning.  This presentation will describe Missouri's journey to transform the statewide systems of support and our next steps because this new model is yet fragile.

Presenter:      Ronda Jenson, Consultant, Missouri SPDG
                       Ginger Henry, Coordinator of Services, Missouri SPDG
System Level: State

Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Indiana Strategies

The recruitment and retention of special education teachers, particularly in high need districts, has been a long standing concern of educators and policymakers.This presentation will focus on varied strategies being developed and implemented in Indiana to recruit and retain special education teachers. The presentation will provide concrete examples with handouts for participants.

Presenters: Sandi Cole, Ed.D.,
                      Director, Center on Education and Lifelong Learning, Indiana University; 

                      Indiana SPDG Project Co-Director
                   Kristen Sievers, Senior Special Education Specialist, Indiana Department of Education 
                   Presentation slides

System Level: State

Use of tools to promote alignment and measure impact in Iowa

Iowa's SPDG has four strands that develop/identify content, resources and professional learning opportunities that promote the use of SDI practices. We will discuss the ways in which grant-developed tools have facilitated alignment across the strands. We will also discuss the ways in which these tools have helped Iowa to monitor and evaluate SDI.

Presenters:     Shelly Menendez, PhD, Evaluator, Iowa
                       Eric Gebhart, Education Program Consultant, Iowa
System Level: State

Working Smarter: Aligning the Work of SPDGs and SSIPs

State leaders from Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia have piloted the used of NCSI's SSIP Infrastructure Development Rubric and Planning Tool. This tool supports state leaders and their stakeholders to reflect on the implementation drivers to create a focus for improvement planning through the alignment and integration of multiple improvement efforts in the state (including the work of SPDGs), to positively advance infrastructure refinements in order to work smarter and increase the sustainability of the SSIP to ensure strong outcomes for students with disabilities.

Presenters: Sophia Farmer, MT, Director VTSS RIC, Virginia
                     Jeff Adams, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, State Systemic Improvement Plan Coordinator
                            Arkansas Department of Education
                            Division of Elementary and Secondary Education-Special Education Unit
                     Tiah Frazier, Director State Personnel Development Grant
                            Arkansas Department of Education 
                            Division of Elementary and Secondary Education

                     Presentation slides

System Level: State 


System considerations for successful implementation of tier 3 supports

Intensive supports for students involves more than effective practices. These supports require systems that ensure the student has access to effective interventions, evaluation to ensure progress and supports for the implementers to ensure that the interventions are implemented with fidelity. This session will highlight critical systems features needed for effective tier 3 supports.

Presenter:      Steve Goodman, Ph.D.
                       Teri Marx, Ph.D., American Institutes for Research

System Level: State, District
                       Presentation slides