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2019 SPDG National Meeting Breakout Forum Sharing Session 1

Forum Sharing

Session 1

Building Capacity for Evidence-Based PD

Ensuring that districts and regions create effective and sustainable professional development systems is a key component for scaling MTSS across Colorado. To this end, we have created a series of activities for MTSS leadership teams at the district- and regional-levels to align systems and initiatives, prioritize improvement areas, plan, and implement PD systems. During this forum presentation, I will present (a) the tools and guidance used to develop local capacity for systems alignment and evidence-based professional development, and (b) the performance evaluation system we have implemented to support continuous improvement of these efforts. In addition to sharing two years of performance evaluation data, the discussion will focus on gathering input from the audience on current implementation challenges and barriers.

Presenter:       Andrew Schaper, PhD, MTSS Evaluation & Research Coordinator, Colorado
System Level: Regional, District

Using Media to Present Data

Short film about Nevada's Assessment Plan Teach Project

Presenter:      Julie Bowers Assisant Director 
                         Office of Inclusive Education
                         Nevada Department of Education
System Level: State, Regional, District, and Building

Technology Tools for MTSS Alignment

The presentation will focus on two uses of technology to support and align MTSS practices. A newly developed online platform for Tier III student support and data collection will be shared. Additionanline professional learning modules will be featured to demonstrate one method of reaching all audiences.

Presenters:     Rondalyn Pinckney, Ed.S., Research & Evaluation Specialist
                          Georgia Andrea Catalano, Ed.S., Professional Learning Specialist
                          Presentation slides

System Level: State

Effective Communication & Engagement for a Collaborative MTSS Process

This presentation will outline effective communication practices and engagement strategies utilized to build a collaborative MTSS process.  Examples of various strategies will be shared including video segments used for messaging to students, teachers, leaders, families, and community members.

Presenter:        Carole Carr, BA, Communications, Visibility, & Family and Community Engagement Specialist
                          Karen Suddeth, Ed.S. SPDG Project Director and MTSS Program Manager, Georgia
                          Presenation slides

System Level:  State

 Professional Learning: Walking the Walk

An ever-expanding research base on learning and the brain provides the model for structuring professional learning, growth, and development based on principles of andragogy.  We will explore the 3 T’s of professional learning to ensure that we are teaching for learning.

Presenter:        Kate Martin, MEd, Senior Director of Special Education, Tennessee

System Level: State

 Preparing, Retaining, Aligning SPDG Staff

Technical assistance and other SPDG related supports require staff competencies to be high-quality and aligned to project outcomes. This session will outline steps for how to prepare new and existing staff (post selection) to successfully demonstrate job responsibilities. Resources like a post-selection Staff Orientation and Individualized Learning Plan along with other tools for preparing and retaining staff will be provided to participants.

Presenter:        Kim St. Martin, Ph.D. MIBLSI Assistant Director
                          Presentaton slides
                          Recruitment resources  

System Level: State

 IRIS Resources on High-Quality IEPs

The Endrew F. Supreme Court case clarified the substantive standard for determining whether a student's IEP is sufficient to enable him to make progress in light of his circumstances. But what exactly are high-quality IEPs and how can States and districts ensure that their educators are adequately prepared to develop them? In this session, we’ll look at IRIS’s two new interactive learning modules and discuss how these can be used in professional learning to improve the quality of IEPs.

Presenter:        Tanya Collins, Technical Assistance Coordinator, IRIS Center

System Level:  State, District, Building

Making Sense of the Evidence in Evidence-Based

This session will introduce the Taxonomy of Intervention Intensity (Fuchs, Fuchs, & Malone, 2017), a system for describing evidence-based intervention in terms of seven dimensions along which intensity can vary. The Taxonomy has utility when selecting or reviewing an intervention and when further intensifying an intervention to support students with intensive needs. Examples of the Taxonomy’s use within SPDG projects will be shared.

Presenter:       Teri A. Marx, Ph.D., American Institutes for Research
                         Casey Dupart, Utah State Board of Education
                         Presentation slides

System Level: State, Regional, District, Building