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2017 SPDG National Mtg: 10 & 10 Coaching & Other Sharing


Virginia MTSS Systems Coaching 101

Systems coaching is an effective and efficient method of building the organizational structure, systems, and capacity of a division to implement evidence-based practices.  Major challenges to coaching include: 1) the cost associated with long-term external coaching and 2) limited resources to support and little research to guide the transfer of coaching skills to the division/school level.  Virginia’s response to these challenges is to build the capacity of division coaches to support sustainability by developing a professional learning series (Systems Coaching 101) to provide division coaches with the necessary resources to implement the program, ensure intervention fidelity, and develop organizational systems to promote professional judgment and sustainability.  Systems Coaching 101 participants learn how to train and organize personnel and resources within Virginia school divisions and schools to help improve academic, behavioral, and social-emotional wellness outcomes for all students.

Presenter:      Sophia Farmer, MT, VTSS Training Specialist, Virginia
                        Regina Pierce, MEd, VTSS Consultant, Virginia
                        Steve Tonelson, EdD, Program Evaluator, Virginia
                        Corinne Wilson, PhD, VTSS Evaluation Team Member, Virginia
                        Maribel Samire, EdS, VTSS Coordinator & Virginia SCTG Director, Virginia
System Level: State, Regional, District


Doctoral Students as Systems Coaches

The OK SPDG's systems coaching model utilizes 4th year doctoral students in school psychology as external coaches assigned to support sites in implementing its MTSS framework (the Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support-OTISS). This coaching model, which the OK SPDG has used the past 6 years, has presented both challenges and opportunities. Presenters will share these pros and cons, as well as tools developed to assess coaches’ strengths and weaknesses, address gaps in knowledge/skills and evaluate performance.

Presenter:      Christa Knight, MEd, SPDG Director, Oklahoma
                        Gary Duhon, PhD, SPDG IHE Partner/TRAIN Director, Oklahoma
                        Cheryl Huffman, MEd, SPDG Evaluator, Oklahoma
System Level: State, Building


Presentation slides

Sustainability and Growth Planning Tool and Process

In the final year of the CA SPDG, Project READ Site Coaches will support Site Implementation Teams (SITs) in developing and implementing Sustainability and Growth Plans addressing four focus areas. Over the course of the year, SITs will determine what they will sustain and grow, and how action will be taken. Project activities provide opportunities for coach mentoring of site leaders, sharing between sites, and gathering resources and materials to support the development and implementation of the sites’ sustainability and growth plans.

Presenter:       Linda Blong, Ph.D., Project READ Director, California
                         Li Walter, Ph.D., SPDG Evaluator, California      
System Level: Building



PR Sustainability Growth Plan


New Mexico’s Coaching Observation Rubric and Report

Instructional coaching is our single largest program expense and we needed a tool to check on the implementation of best practices by our instructional coaching providers. The tool is used by our program’s instructional coaching specialist to inform program improvement.

Presenter:       Greg Frostad, Project Manager, New Mexico     
System Level: State, Regional, District


RDA Site Visit Tool

RDA Coaching Obsrvation Observation Rubric

Coaching Competency Practice Profile Toolkit

This session will showcase tools directly aligned to the Coaching Competency Practice Profile (CCPP) presented at last year’s conference.   Tools completed by coaches include the needs assessment that facilitates goal setting and the reflection log.   The Observation Rubric and Coach Universal Feedback Form are to be completed by system stakeholders to provide both the coach and SPDG staff with feedback and data.

Presenter:       Rachel Fregien, MS CCC-SLP, SPDG Coordinator, Wisconsin
                        Joseph Kanke, Statewide Systems Coaching Coordinator, Wisconsin
System Level: District


CCPP and Related Tools Plan

Coach Observation Rubric Handout

Coach Reflection Log

Coach Universal Feedback Form

Coaching Competency Practice Profile

Coaching Compentency Self Assessment

NC State Improvement Project (NC SIP): Evolution of Coaching Supports

In 2013, NC SIP began in earnest the support for coaching of Evidence Based Practices in the project by establishing the Coaching Collaborative initiative. Partnering LEA teams competed to be selected for participation through a rigorous process. A year of professional learning sessions was provided on the continuum of coaching supports. We will share how far we have come and our vision for where we are going as we continue to strengthen coaching to ensure fidelity of delivery of EBPs in NC.

Presenter:       Dr. Paula Crawford, Project Director, NC Department of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC
                        Carol Moffitt, Personnel Development Consultant, NC Dept. of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC
                        Teri Queen, Math and Literacy Consultant, NC Dept. of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC
System Level: State, Regional, District, Building


New Jersey’s Implementation of a Data-Driven Coaching Model

Three primary components of the data-driven coaching model used in New Jersey include (a) an emphasis on the learning environment; (b) enrollment of school personnel via modeling, designated opportunities for practice, and feedback; and (c) the use of a formalized data-driven implementation framework. Coaching cases are facilitated via an online, multi-stage platform. Coaching is regularly assessed via four multi-respondent measures of coaching performance to inform ongoing coach training.

Presenter:       Todd A. Glover, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Rutgers University
                        Tatianna McBride, Ed.S., Special Education Consultant, ELA Specialist,
                              New Jersey Department of Education
System Level: District, Building


Coaching Guide for Teachers and Building Administrators

This infographic describes the components of systems and instructional coaching for teachers and administrators as they implement Ohio’s Early Literacy initiative. The infographic also identifies the steps for implementation of effective instructional coaching.

Presenter:       Earl Focht, SPDG Project Coordinator, Ohio
System Level: Building