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2015 Nevada

Name:  Nevada Department of Education
PR Award #:  H323A15012
City, State:  Carson City, NV
Project Director:  Marva Cleven
Project Director email:


The Nevada Department of Education’s (NDE’s) SPDG proposal intends to improve academic outcomes for students with disabilities and ultimately, all students.  The NDE Office of Special Education and the Office of Student and School Supports (the State’s Title I program administrator) will collaborate with local educational agencies (LEAs), the University of Nevada-Reno, and Nevada’s Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center to provide evidence-based professional development to:  (1) improve teachers’ capacity to assess, plan, and teach students with IEPs; (2) increase the percent of time students with individualized education programs (IEPs) spend in the general education classroom; and (3) increase the percent of students with IEPs scoring proficient on reading and math assessments.


The Nevada SPDG proposes two initiatives:  Instructional Consultation, Assessment, and Teaming (ICAT); and Assess, Plan, and Teach (APT).  ICAT is an evidence-based, comprehensive means for K-12 schools to organize and deliver maximum and efficient services to support students and teachers, targeted primarily to elementary personnel, but also implemented at the secondary level.  APT is an evidence-based instructional intervention (using materials from the Consortium for Reading Excellence) targeted at K-3 teachers, designed to improve academic outcomes for K-3 students.  Our external evaluator will use a mixed methods approach to gather, analyze, and report on project outputs and outcomes.