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2015 Montana

Name:  Montana Office of Public Instruction
PR Award #:  H323A150008
City, State:  Helena, MT
Project Director:  Susan Bailey-Anderson
Project Director email:


The Montana State Personnel Development Grant project, REAL 2.0, implements professional development (PD) activities that increase utilization of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) in Montana.  Activities include implementation and capacity building initiatives to improve practice and strengthen the State’s PD infrastructure.  Principles of implementation science are reflected in the design of the project, which includes refinement of a MTSS model, replication, and scale-up initiatives.  Complementary activities focus on increasing the capacity of PD personnel to provide effective implementation and coaching to schools to ensure fidelity of implementation.  Anticipated outcomes include increased use of evidence-based practices, student performance gains, and a strengthened capacity to use technology to support PD in Montana.


The project’s methods are:  (a) Refine and replicate the MTSS model piloted in the previous grant with two additional cohorts of schools; develop and implement PD customized to address the unique needs of the smallest schools; provide continued, but reduced, support to monitor sustained used of practices and support scale-up efforts in existing sites; work with one large district on district-wide implementation; and improve technology infrastructure to support PD activities; (b) Impact school personnel, districts, families, and institutions of higher education (IHE) personnel; and (c) Track levels of MTSS implementation; student performance over time; fidelity of implementation; and completion of project activities on time and within budget.