Past Events: April 19, 2010: SPDG Bidders Webinar #1

Description: This is the first of two informational sessions to provide guidance to states submitting applications for the 2010 SPDG Competition (which has not yet been announced). The sessions are framed around the seven narrative sections and other priority requirements of the competitive application. Different sections will be highlighted on each session.

SPDG Bidders Webinar Agenda Topics and Speakers

Session Recording

Overview of SPDG Competition – Jennifer Coffey, OSEP. Includes Requirements. Parent Program Collaboration.

Need Section – Jennifer Coffey, OSEP

John Green (KS)– Combining the goals and objectives of the SPDG with the improvement activities of the SPP/APR PPT.  Significance: proposed project will result in system change or improvement.

Significance Section – Grace Zamora Duran, OSEP

Janet Canning (CA) –  Collaboration with general education.  Project Design: The extent to which the proposed project will establish linkages with other appropriate agencies and organizations providing services to the target population.

Melanie Lemoine (LA) – Louisiana SPDG: Collaborating with LEAs. Project Design: The extent to which the proposed project is part of a comprehensive effort to improve teaching and learning and support rigorous academic standards for students.

Project Design – Jennifer Coffey

Julia Causey (GA) – State Director involvement and sustainability of SPDG efforts. Adequacy of Resources: The potential for continued support of the project after Federal funding ends, including, as appropriate, the demonstrated commitment of appropriate entities to this type of support.  Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership Toolkit PDF - this second edition toolkit describes family engagement supports, trainings, resources and collaborative initiatives led by parents and educators who are positively impacting results for Georgia students.

Adequacy of Resources – Jennifer Coffey [Refer to Overview PPT]