Past Events: April 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar - SPDG Leadership: Considering Intersections with ARRA, Braiding Initiatives

Description: Rorie Fitzpatrick began the session, describing Nevada’s role of leadership in school and district improvement as it relates to integrating efforts of Title I, state-mandated school improvement programs and special education focused outcomes/initiatives under SPP. Next, Steve Goodman presented how MiBLSi is braiding initiatives at the state and district level in Michigan. Alison Langham finished the session, described the overall SIG Program Evaluation leadership findings compiled in 2007.

Presenters: Rorie Fitzpatrick, Director, Special Education, Nevada; Steve Goodman, Co-Director, MiBLISI; Alison Langham, Westat

Session Recording: 


PowerPoints and Materials:
Leveraging Improvement Planning— Aligning Goals and Resources to Maximize Outcomes. (2010) Rorie Fitzpatrick, Director, Special Education, Nevada.

Michigan's Integrated Behavior & Learning Support Initiative [MiBLSi] - Braiding Initiatives PPT. (2010) Steve Goodman, MiBLSi Co-Director.

Braiding Initiative District Worksheet DOC.  MiBLSi staff are disseminating this worksheet to districts to consider how to braid initiatives at the district level.

Westat's Evaluation of the SIG Program: Findings from the Leadership Study (2010) Alison Langham, Westat.

Administrative Leadership Strategies in the SIG Program DOC (2010). This document may be helpful for SPDG directors to think about leadership.

One Page Flyer on Regional Resource Center Program