Past Events: February 11, 2010: Evaluators' Session: How results from Westat's SIG Program evaluation can be used to inform SPDG evaluations

Tom Fiore and Alison Langham, Westat; and Larry Magliocca, Ohio SPDG Evaluator, Ohio State University

Session Recording:


PowerPoint:  Findings from Westat’s Evaluation of the State Improvement Grant Program: Implementation Issues, Systemic Change, and Project Outcomes [PPT]

Final Report from the five year SIG evaluation conducted by WESTAT - PDF, DOC. The evaluation includes a systems change model and an elegant way of designating outcomes as robust, solid, probable and possible. Outcome evidence is provided to support the categorization of the outcomes. There is also a very interesting section on administrative leadership. Please note that this is a SIG rather than SPDG report. As such, some of the outcomes are a bit dated (e.g., participation in assessment) given the passage of NCLB.