Past Events: January 14, 2010: Just-in-Time: Wiki Basics

Presenters: Lezlie Cline, Project Manager, ESE Personnel Development Support Project, Florida; and
Wilma Jozwiak, Coordinator of Facilitation, S3TAIR, New York

Description of Session: Wilma Jozwiak demonstrated how to get started with developing a wiki home. She created a wiki for participants to test (http://oseppractice.wikispaces.com/playground) (this site will be available for testing for a few weeks).Lezlie Cline provided a thorough walk-through of Florida's Regional Alliance Wiki, highlighting how they used the features to structure the site and manage user access. 


Resources Shared
Considerations In Hosting a Wiki Home Page  (DOCX).This is a two page document of critical information on developing wikis.

Using the Regional Alliance Wiki (DOCX). Florida's Wiki Member Training Document