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SIGnetwork is located at the University of Oregon.
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Please send comments or feedback about this website to:

John Lind at signetwork@uoregon.edu.
Mailing Address:
College of Education
5260 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR  97403

Phone: 541.346.9054

Connect! to our Listservs

We host three listservs - one for SPDG Directors and Staff [https://lists-prod.uoregon.edu/mailman/listinfo/sigdirect], one for Evaluators [https://lists-prod.uoregon.edu/mailman/listinfo/sigeval], and one for the entire community - Directors, Evaluators, and Collaborating Partners [https://lists-prod.uoregon.edu/mailman/listinfo/sigserve].

The purpose of the listservs are for states to share information and exchange solutions. Typically, we're emailing Save the Date announcements, updates on SPDG reporting and requirements, survey requests, meeting reminders and general news that's relevant to the community.

To view archives posted to the overall community listserv go to: SigServe Archives.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe to the listservs:

To be added to one of the listservs, contact John Lind at signetwork@uoregon.edu

To be removed from the listservs, contact John Lind at signetwork@uoregon.edu