Past Events: May 17, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting

Presenter/Facilitator: Toyah Robey, Co-Director Kentucky SPDG

Who are the Students who take Alternate Achievement Standards Assessments in Kentucky PPT. Toyah Robey, Kentucky Department of Education [2010]

Related Article: Characteristics of and Implications for Students Participating in Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate AcademicAchievement Standards. [Kearns et al, Journal of Special Education, Sep 1, 2009)

Overall Description 2010 LIA Sessions: 
We will be discussing how to:
1. Map out the SEA, IHE, LEA systems to see if there is coherence. Then create appropriate linkages between LEAs, SEAs and IHEs.
2. Determine the issues LEAs are facing related to students with significant needs.
3. Look at data to determine other needs in your state related to students with significant needs.
4. Use resources to meet those needs.
5. Examine access to the general curriculum and opportunity to respond for students with significant needs.
6. Create systems that ensure that vulnerable and high needs students receive instruction and other types of support from capable providers.

As this group determines specific areas of need, we will bring in the appropriate speakers.