Past Events: May 12, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Webinar: Massachusetts SPDG Family Engagement Initiative

Madeline Levine (Project Director), Will Blackwell and Lassity Cauley – MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Rich Robison, Robin Foley and Amanda Green - Federation for Children with Special Needs; and
Holly Matulewicz (Evaluator) – Institute for Community Inclusion

The Massachusetts SPDG Project team and partners provided an overview of the Massachusetts Focus Academy and the methods by which they are evaluating their family engagement initiative.


BRIEF: Effective Strategies for Building the Capacity of Parent Advisory Councils in Special Education This article describes the effective strategies that Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPACs) and other parent groups can use to improve their organizational capacity to more effectively collaborate with educators.

POSTER: Advancing Parent-Professional Leadership in Education (A.P.P.L.E.) Project
Preliminary Findings from a Model Demonstration Project

APPLE Projects’ 2008 OSEP Presentation Slides

Evaluation Instruments:

1) Example post-course survey which includes: the course evaluation items, the post-test items on course content and the general participant feedback items.

2) To view their demostration online survey go to: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/135263/pwf1-example
To login use the password: MFADEMO. This online survey was produced specifically for demonstration purposes. It does not contain real data.

3) The evaluation form SPDG staff are using for the self-guided modules for the FSCN. (pdf)