Past Events: August 24, 2009: SPDG Project Directors' Webinar: Ohio's Collaborative Initiatives to Improve Teaching of Students with Disabilities

Bonnie Jones, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer; Linda Morrow, Ph.D., Muskingum University, Ohio;
John Soloninka, Ph.D., Director of Educator Preparation, Ohio Department of Education; Kathe Shelby, Director of Office for Exceptional Children, Ohio Department of Education; Jo Hannah Ward, Assistant Director Resource Management, Ohio Department of Education

The Office of Special Education Programs began its Program Improvement Grant Priority (325T) in FY 2007. The purpose of the priority is to improve the K-12 high incidence teacher preparation programs so that graduates are not only highly qualified, but are also well-prepared with knowledge and skills and evidence-based practices to improve results for students with high-incidence disabilities. As of FY 2009, 54 grants have been awarded to Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) in 29 states. This webinar described how one state has leveraged these federal resources and integrated the initiative into its “Ohio Planning Framework.”

The Ohio Department of Education, through its Office of Educator Preparation, has embraced the redesign effort within its state. Ohio has revised teacher licensure standards for preparing highly qualified special education teachers with input from a consortium of public and private IHEs. Collaborative initiatives, developed within Ohio’s planning framework were highlighted and among the Ohio SIG, its Office of Educator Preparation and the IHE consortium.

Webinar Recording [WMV]
Special Education Teacher Preparation Program Improvement Grants (325T) Overview [PPT]
Ohio’s Collaborative Initiatives to Improve Teaching of Students with Disabilities [PPT]

TECH TALK: Using Survey Monkey

Wilma Jozwiak, Ph.D, Coordinator, New York S3TAIR (SPDG)

Dr. Jozwiak highlighted the features of Survey Monkey, a web-based survey tool. Go to her blog post to read what she covered on her presentation.

Online Survey Applications, Using SurveyMonkey in Support of the S3TAIR Project  [PPT]
Online Surveys, Using SurveyMonkey to capture information [PDF]