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What You Can Do to Improve Your Program Measure Submission 
Shauna Harps and Brad Keller describe best practices in writing and describing your measures 

Evidence-based Professional Development Components Worksheet

Worksheet Exemplar. GA SPDG

Rubric A: SPDG Evidence-based Professional Development Components Rubric

Exemplar Continuation Reports
Exemplar annual report (APR) from Arkansas
Please use this report to see how Program and Project measures
are included in the Status Charts

Exemplar Final Report
Alabama Exemplar Final Report 
Please note how Alabama shares their child outcomes.

Program Measures Guidance

Guidance for Measure 1 (PDF)
Guidance for Measure 2 (PDF)
Guidance for Measure 3 (PDF)
Guidance for Measure 4 (PDF)

Rubric B (PDF)
Please note that Rubric B is used by the GPRA External Reviewers.

Follow-up activities
Designed to sustain the use of SPDG-supported practices (for Program Measure 3)

SPDG Program Measure Methodology
This document describes how to respond to the four  Program Measures.

Program Measure Example Continuation Report
This is an example of what a grantee may provide relative to the Program Measures in the qualitative and quantitative sections of the APR.


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