2012 Abstracts: Michigan

Grant/Contract #    H323A120001
Program Name      State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition           State Personnel Development Grants
Title                        Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative
Project Director(s)  Goodman, Steve
Email                      s.goodman@me.com

Purpose: This project will provide educators with access to evidence-based practices in a multi-tiered integrated behavior and academic model, and establish the conditions necessary for educators to implement these practices with fidelity to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, scientifically based reading instruction, and evidence-based math instruction using a multi-tiered system of support within a school-wide model; (b) partnering with five institutions of higher education, professional educational organizations, and Michigan’s Parent Training and Information Center to assist in professional development and training of educators, school staff, and families; (c) targeting teachers’ professional development needs based on student growth; and (d) developing local implementation capacity for the delivery of professional development, resulting in sustainable change.