2012 Abstracts: Idaho

Grant/Contract #       H323A120009
Program Name          State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition             State Personnel Development Grants
Title                         Idaho State Personnel Development Grant
Project Director(s)    David, Adria

Purpose: This project will develop a sustainable infrastructure of partnerships that results in systems change. This systems change will focus on the continuous and substantial improvement of academic and social outcomes for all learners, especially students with disabilities. The long-term purpose of the project is to scale up Response to Intervention (RTI) implementation in Idaho, thereby meeting the academic needs of all learners, especially students with disabilities, and ensuring that they are college and career ready.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) building infrastructure to increase the degree to which the RTI framework is implemented in Idaho public schools serving grades K-12; (b) providing and leveraging external coaching for local educational agencies (LEA) and school personnel; (c) providing ongoing, evidence-based professional development; (d) providing implementation feedback loops; and (e) guiding networks of support that increase the competencies of LEAs and school personnel to design and implement the RTI framework as a coherent system.