2017 Abstracts: New Mexico

PR Award #: H323A170032
Name: New Mexico Public Education Department
Project Title: Results Driven Accountability (RDA)
City, State: Santa Fe, NM
Project Director: Barb Maria Gemma Hilotin
Project Director email: Maria.Hilotin@state.nm.us

The purpose of the Results Driven Accountability (RDA) program is to provide personnel development (PD) and instructional support to bring about school improvement in six categories (Data Driven Decision Making, Effective Leadership, Academic Interventions, Behavioral Supports, Response to Intervention (RtI) Procedures, and Family Engagement). Expected outcomes are:   increased student engagement, improved classroom management, fewer behavior referrals, fewer inappropriate Tier 3 (special education) referrals, increased teacher satisfaction and retention, narrowing of the achievement gap between students with disabilities
and their non-disabled peers, higher levels of reading and mathematics proficiency on the state assessment for students with disabilities in grades K-3, and an increase of two percentage points per year for students with disabilities scoring benchmark on the end of year state accountability assessment for reading.

The RDA project will provide onsite, job-embedded PD, follow-up coaching (onsite and video-based), and technical assistance, to principals and teachers in 80 or more elementary schools selected based on grades of C or below on the statewide school grading system. PD will be provided in six school improvement categories at a centralized summer conference, through online book studies and through on-site follow up activities throughout the year. RDA will evaluate implementation fidelity through school site visits and through stakeholder surveys. RDA will evaluate program effectiveness through correlation of RDA implementation and student achievement and through tracking student outcome data.