2017 Abstracts: Florida

PR Award #: H323A170031
Name: Florida Department of Education
Project Title: Graduation for All
City, State: Fort Myers, FL
Project Director: Peg Sullivan
Project Director email: msulliva@fgcu.edu

This project focuses on increasing and sustaining implementation of two evidenced-based practices, Check and Connect (C&C) and the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM). Targeted student outcomes are increased school completion rates of secondary-aged students with disabilities (grades 6–12) including reduced dropout rates, increased graduation rates, and increased academic performance. Additionally, as part of the other activities included in this proposal, the project will provide financial support to Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teachers seeking to add certification of academic content to their teaching certificate.

Primary activities of this project include: (a) support districts and schools in sustained
implementation of the C&C, a research-proven model of sustained intervention for promoting student engagement with school and learning; (b) support to districts and schools in sustained implementation of SIM, a research-proven model of instruction that enables all students to access curriculum content; and (c) increase the awareness and knowledge of parents. High-quality professional development practices are utilized to train school personnel, community members, and family members. Collaboratively developed district implementation plans guide the focus of activity and professional development. Extensive data collection is conducted to review fidelity of implementation. Stakeholder input is utilized to provide iterative feedback. In addition, five online professional development courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content areas will be designed to provide additional opportunities for ESE teachers to increase content knowledge and expand the certification areas they are qualified to teach.