2017 Abstracts: Utah

PR Award #: H323A170024
Name: Utah State Board of Education
Project Title: Teacher Retention and the Improvement of Outcomes for Students with Disabilities through Multi-Tiered System of Supports Implementation
City, State: Salt Lake City, UT
Project Director: Kim Fratto and Leah Voorhies
Project Director email: kim.fratto@schools.utah.gov; leah.voorhies@schools.utah.gov

The purpose of this project is to effectively prepare and retain educators who are able to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities through implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). Evidence-based professional development, including ongoing and differentiated coaching and communities of practice, will support increased educator knowledge of MTSS and academic and behavioral evidence-based practices, leading to increased implementation. Additionally, this project will support with aligning efforts at the State level to support capacity for scaling and sustaining MTSS implementation. And, lastly, this project aims to create a preservice to in-service continuum to ensure improved student-level outcomes.

This project will engage local educational agencies (LEAs) currently implementing MTSS with scaling and sustaining their efforts, measured by capacity assessment ratings. Secondly, this project will engage additional LEAs in implementing MTSS, through evidence-based professional development (EBPD), measured by increased scores on the EBPD rubric and attainment of action plan goals. State-level alignment and collaboration with higher education partners will be measured by improved performance on the Collaboration Continuum. Lastly, this project will revise existing MTSS EBPD content to ensure integration of academics and behavior, measured by EBPD participant feedback. Administrators, general and special educators, and paraeducators are the population.