2017 Abstracts: Pennsylvania

PR Award #: H323A170023
Name: Pennsylvania Department of Education
Project Title: Middle School Success: The Path to Graduation (P2G)
City, State: Harrisburg, PA
Project Director: Shatarupa Podder
Project Director email: spodder@pa.gov

The purpose of Middle School Success: The Path to Graduation (P2G) is to build local educational agencies’ (LEAs’) capacity to address the academic and behavioral needs of middle school students with emotional disturbance to ensure that all Pennsylvania students graduate from high school “college- and career-ready.”

P2G will ensure that educators and leaders receive professional development, enabling LEAs to:

• Identify students with disabilities who are at-risk for dropout;
• Increase the competencies of school leaders to support systems-level change;
• Improve students’ daily attendance, behavior, and course performance;
• Engage parents in practices that keep students in school; and
• Assist institutions of higher education (IHEs) in preparing pre-service teachers.

P2G will assist LEA teams to intervene with middle school students with emotional Disturbance and at-risk for dropout, resulting in the following improvements:

87 schools implementing an Early Warning System;
522 educators implementing interventions with fidelity;
116 coaches supporting implementation of P2G;
174 administrators attaining the skills to support systems-level change;
3 IHE partners collaboratively creating pre-service teacher resources; and
25 bilingual parent resources.

The evaluation involves the collection and analysis of information to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, and effects of implementation. This enables sustainable systems’ change and increases the knowledge and skills of participants. Stakeholder input is incorporated throughout this process.