2017 Abstracts: Missouri

PR Award #: H323A170020
Name: Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Project Title: Missouri State Personnel Development Grant
City, State: Jefferson City, MO   
Project Director: Ginger Henry
Project Director email: ginger.henry@dese.mo.gov

The goal of the Missouri State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) 2017-2022 is to improve the educational outcomes for all students, especially students with disabilities, through an evidence-based professional development approach focused on district-level implementation of effective educational systems and practices. To address this goal, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), in partnership with stakeholders, will continue, expand, and enhance the following: (a) alignment of the State system of support; (b) implementation of effective educational practices; and (c) use of technologies for improving access to professional development resources, supporting data-driven practices, and improving efficiency of professional development. Desired outcomes are: improved attendance rates for students with IEPs and students without disabilitie; improving proficiency of students with disabilities in English/Language Arts; and increasing the percentage of students with IEPS in Missouri Model Districts who are in the regular education classroom greater than 79% of the school day.

Professional development will focus on coaching as delivered by coaching support teams. Coaching support teams will coach and coordinate training, at the district-level, for improved leadership, systems, and educational practices.  Access to professional development will be enhanced through use of technology for web-based learning and coaching. District-level leaders, building-level leaders, and building-level educators will participate in professional development. Using a developmental evaluation approach, the evaluation will address required program measures, specific project measures, and implementation components. The evaluation will inform the refinement of the Missouri Model Districts model of improving outcomes for all students, especially students with disabilities.