2017 Abstracts: Virginia

PR Award #: H323A170018
Name: Virginia Department of Education
Project Title: Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports: Empowering Educators through a Systems Approach to Implement Evidence-Based Practices
City, State: Richmond, VA
Project Director: Thomas Charles Manthey
Project Director email: tom.manthey@doe.virginia.gov

The project will increase achievement for students with disabilities by providing high-quality professional development in evidence-based practices that are integrated and aligned into tiered systems of supports. It will also improve the fidelity of Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS) implementation in the 25 new and 25 currently participating local educational agencies (LEAs) by increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of VTSS systems coaches and LEA coaches to provide coaching support. Finally, the project will increase academic, emotional, and social success of students with disabilities by developing the capacity of LEAs to develop and sustain aligned and integrated tiered systems of supports through ongoing coaching and learning.

The project provides high quality professional development including extensive coaching, to district administrators, school administrators, faculty, and staff to assist with implementation of the VTSS in the domains of academics, behavior, and mental wellness. Aligned with this work, support will be guidance for adoptive, foster care, and kinship families. VTSS practices will be refined in preschools and the framework will be aligned with efforts to support divisions involved in the Results-Driven Accountability system. Effectiveness will be determined through an extensive evaluation addressing the standards of high-quality professional development, fidelity of implementation, and extensive coaching.