2017 Abstracts: Kentucky

PR Award #: H323A170016
Name: Kentucky Department of Education
Project Title:  Kentucky State Personnel Development Grant (KY SPDG)
City, State: Frankfort, KY
Project Director: Margretta G. Hylton
Project Director email: gretta.hylton@education.ky.gov

This proposal offers two goals to support the multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) development, replication, and sustainability in Kentucky with the goal of improved
performance of students with IEPs on the Kentucky statewide assessment. The first is to support the establishment, implementation, and evaluation of MTSS in 24 local educational agencies (LEAs). Second, MTSS will be implemented in schools within the context of high-leverage instructional practices and mathematics, literacy, and behavioral evidence-based practices. Intended outcomes include an enhanced capacity of State, regional, and LEA personnel to support and sustain MTSS in schools, resulting in improved core instruction, screening and progress monitoring tools, tiered interventions, and data-based decision making to improve academic and behavioral outcomes, student achievement, and family engagement.  This effort will further develop a strong professional learning structure that impacts students with disabilities and struggling learners in general.

Three cohorts of 24 LEAs and 48 kindergarten through grade 8 (K-8) schools will improve and sustain MTSS implementation. During each cohort's first year, systems trainers and coaches will facilitate LEA MTSS implementation, the use of the Active Implementation Framework, MTSS practices and data systems, and leadership development. In the following years, professional learning in schools addresses MTSS; high-leverage practices; and mathematics, literacy, or behavior evidence-based practices. Evaluation activities include the collection of formative and summative data (quantitative and qualitative) to assess the impact of professional learning on the capacity of partners to sustain MTSS, improve instructional capacity, and increased student achievement.