2017 Abstracts: Alabama

PR Award #: H323A170014
Name: Alabama State Department of Education
Project Title: Project CESCC: Creating Effective School Climates and Cultures
City, State: Montgomery, AL
Project Director: Theresa Duran Farmer
Project Director email: tfarmer@alsde.edu

The proposed State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), Creating Effective School Climates and Cultures (Project CESCC), was developed based on the work of Alabama’s State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP), the Alabama State Board of Education’s (SBE’s) strategic plan, and an examination of prior SPDG outcomes. The proposed project will work with the Alabama State Department of Education partners to provide high-quality professional development (PD) focusing on positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), transition services for students with disabilities (SWD), and State and district infrastructure work. Through its SPDG, Alabama seeks to create behavior and transition climates that support SWD and improve their post-school outcomes.

Project CESCC will include PBIS using the Safe and Civil Schools training in selected elementary, middle, and high school feeder patterns in Alabama school districts selected by application. The project will also work in selected middle and high school feeder patterns to offer comprehensive, age-appropriate transition programs for SWD. Professional development participants will include school administrators and staff. The evaluation will be based upon the Project CESECC Logic Model and will include both formative and summative evaluation data relating to the SPDG Project and Program Performance Measures, as required in the 524b Annual Performance Report.