2017 Abstracts: Delaware

PR Award #: H323A170013
Name: Delaware Department of Education
Project Title: Delaware State Personnel Development Grant (DE SPDG)
City, State:  Dover, DE
Project Director: Barb Mazza/Jill Scannell
Project Director email: barbara.mazza@doe.k12.de.us; jill.scannell@doe.k12.de.us

Two goals are proposed. First is to increase the capacity of the State and local educational agencies (LEAs) to implement an aligned multi-tiered system of supports. Second is to increase schools’ MTSS and instructional capacity to increase the literacy proficiency of K-3rd grade students with disabilities. Expected outcomes are better aligned State, LEA, and school MTSS-related initiatives; enhanced MTSS systems to develop stronger core instruction, effective use of tiered interventions, and better data-based decision making; greater capacity of district and school administrators to support and sustain MTSS; increased early literacy proficiency of all students, including those with disabilities; and improved parent-school engagement.


Nine LEAs and 18 schools will be selected. Training and coaching will be provided to LEA personnel on MTSS, implementation science, and data systems. During year two of implementation, schools will develop the infrastructure necessary to support and sustain MTSS and effective early literacy instruction. Professional learning will be provided on MTSS policy, effective core instruction and tiered interventions, screening and progress monitoring tools, data-based decision making, family engagement, and sustainability. Evaluation activities will assess the impact of professional learning on participants’ knowledge, teachers’ instructional practices, administrators’ capacity to support and sustain MTSS and early literacy instruction, and student outcomes.