2017 Abstracts: Kansas

PR Award #: H323A170006
Name: Kansas State Department of Education
Project Title: Kansas State Personnel Development Grant
City, State: Topeka, KS
Project Director: Kerry A. Haag
Project Director email: khaag@ksde.org

This project addresses an unmet need in Kansas by providing a systematic, coordinated, tiered system of trauma-informed school mental health (SMH) that promotes the resilience of Kansas students with disabilities and their peers. Impacts include: (1) Increased percentage of students who feel safe and engaged in school and perceive hope for their future; (2) Decreased suspension, expulsion, and dropout rates; (3) Improved attendance and academic achievement; and (4) Decreased instances of bullying, suicide attempts, and substance use. Additionally, parents/guardians of students will experience increased school engagement and become full partners in the mental health interventions for their children.

Professional development activities will include ongoing training and coaching within five communities (approximately 15 districts) to implement the SMH Framework, including trauma-informed policies and practices, universal screening, and evidence-based interventions through collaboration among school and community providers. By the fifth year, all Kansas districts will have access to evidence-based resources, protocols, processes, and professional learning for meeting the mental health needs of students. Ongoing utilization-focused evaluation will support data-based decision making at all levels (educator, school, district, community, project, and State) and ensure that high-quality professional development results in implementation of evidence-based practices that promote positive student outcomes.