National Meeting: 2016 National Meeting. 10&10

Session: 10 and 10

Process (Systems) Coaching Service Delivery Plan

Ohio utilizes a layered coaching approach to develop and support external regional coaches and internal district coaches. The service delivery plan outlines expectations for the coaching relationships (participants, expectations, structure and tools).

Presenters:           Susan Wilson, Process Coaching Lead, Ohio

Strand:                  Coaching

System Level:       State

Material Link:       Coaching Service Delivery Plan

School-Wide Data Based Decision Making - User Friendly Tool

Continual school improvement requires that leaderhsip teams become fluent in the application of a data-based decision making process.  School and district leadership teams need user friendly tools to assist them in this process.  This session will share a tool that provides teams with a graphic organizer, guiding questions, scripted prompts and can be used across a school year in a continual cycle of improvement.  Attendees will be given access to the tool, in Google Sheets format, to use with their teams.

Presenters:           Shannon Eagle, PhD, Associate Professor- Rhode Island College, Rhode                                     Island

                              John Eagle, PhD, Professor- Rhode Island College, Rhode Island

                              Ellen Reinhardt, MA/CAGS, MTSS Training and Technical Assistance                                     Provider, Rhode Island

Strand:                  Coaching, Working with Administrators/Leadership,

System Level:       District, Building

Material Link:          RI MTSS School-Wide Data Based Decision Making User Friendly Tool

District Leadership Team (DLT) – Practice Profile

The purpose of Ohio’s DLT Practice Profile is to establish clear, explicit expectations for the professional practices of the DLT within the Ohio Improvement Process. The Practice Profile should be used by the team to discuss their functioning and set action steps for continuous improvement.

Presenters:           Earl Focht, Ohio SPDG Project Director

Strand:                  Systems Alignment

System Level:       District

Material Link:       Ohio's SPDG DLT Practice Profile

Mindful Family Engagement Series

Mindful Family Engagement Series is an online professional development series with 10 modules.  The purpose is to support educators in identifying the essential elements for establishing and sustaining partnerships with families.

Presenters:           Monica Ballay, MEd, Evaluator, Louisiana

                              Summer Whitmore, PhD, Coordinator, Louisiana

Strand:                  Family Engagement

System Level:       District, Building

Material Link:       Mindful Family Engagement Handout

Parent and Family Engagement Inventory

The purpose of the Parent and Family Engagement Inventory incorporates Joyce Epstein’s  six types of parent engagement in a multi-tiered framework. The inventory is intended for schools and LEAs to identify their current practices to engage families, determine and analyze gaps, and strategically plan to meet the needs of parents and family at all tiers. The inventory has been used successfully in Utah by SPDG grantees to increase understanding of the different ways families can be engaged in their child’s education.

Presenters:           Ann-Michelle Neal, Ed.S, Education Specialist, Utah

Strand:                  Family Engagement

System Level:       District, Building

Quick Reference Guides for Administrators

Quick reference guides on the Strategic Instruction Model™(SIM) were created to provide administrators with a “cheat sheet” of the Content Enhancement Routines and/or Learning Strategies that their teachers are implementing.  The guide gives a short description of the routine or strategy, a picture of the device or a cue card that they might see students using, information on when they might see it being used and the results that teachers can expect with students.

Presenters:           Janice Creneti, Strategic Instruction Model Assistant Project Manager,                                           Florida’s SPDG

                              Cindy Medici, Strategic Instruction Model Project Manager, Florida’s SPDG

Strand:                  Working with Administrators/Leadership

System Level:       District, Building

Material Links:     Strategic Instruction Model Learning Strategies

                              SPDG SIM CE Reference Sheet

Securing Competitive Employment through Project Search

Project SEARCH, a national High School Transition Program, is a unique, business led, one year school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace. The goal for each student participant is competitive employment through real-life work experience, combined with training in employability and independent living skills. As part of VT’s SPDG, two sites were developed over the 5-year cycle and a majority of the graduates are now successfully employed. These outcomes were achieved through partnerships with the VT Agency on Education, Vocational Rehabilitation and the VT Developmental Disability Services.

Presenters:           Pat Mueller, Co-Director, Vermont

Strand:                  Systems Alignment

System Level:       State

Material Links:     Vermont Project Search

Project Search Overview

THe Edge, Project Search News letter

Project Search Fact Sheet

Project Search Qualtitative Comments