New SPDG Staff Orientation Resources

The purpose of this page is to assist new SPDG Directors and Coordinators in gaining knowledge about the SPDG Program requirements, how and where to access resources to assist in effectively implementing initiatives and manage their overall projects, and how to report on the SPDG Program measures. New resources and orientation videos will be posted when they are made available. 

1. SPDG Program Measures Guidance Webinar. This presentation was delivered for a Directors' webinar on December 9, 2014. PPT | VIDEO RECORDING (Streams online, 88 min) | Webinar Event Page
Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer, SPDG Program Lead  

2.   New SPDG Staff  Orientation Video. VIDEO RECORDING Part 1 & Part 2. These videos provide information about the signetwork, ways to learn and share with other members of the SPDG network, how to join the professional learning communities (PLCs), how news and information are disseminated to SPDG Directors, Coordinators and Evaluators, and the required annual  subscription fee. 


3. Professional Development Matters. (Webinar delivered to National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, Recording link) Erickson, A. G. (2015).