About the Meeting

3rd Annual SPDG National Meeting (November 2013)

Location and Dates

The third annual SPDG National Meeting occurs November 6-7, 2013 at FHI 360 Conference Center (formerly AED), 1825 Connecticut Avenue NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC. The Conference Center is a short walk away from the Churchill Hotel where we arranged a room block for participants. If you arrive to the building prior to 8:00am, the elevators require an access key. A designated Fhi360 employee will be available both days to provide access and escort individuals to the 8th floor before 8:00am. 


The theme of the meeting emphasizes building stronger professional development systems by using data to improve implementation. On day one, Allison Metz, Associate Director of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN), will provide our overall implementation presentation. Following Dr. Metz' presentation, state teams will attend one of three topical discussions: 1) Asking Questions to Define the “WHAT” and “HOW” of your practice, 2): Asking Questions to Improve Fidelity of the “WHAT”, 3) Asking Questions about Coaching Systems as a way to Improve Fidelity of the ‘WHAT’. Participants will have focused time to discuss their chosen topic, sharing issues and strategies with other participants. In addition, state teams will have the opportunity to develop action plans to actualize their strategies. Facilitators and OSEP Project Officers will be available to provide feedback to state teams.
Day two is predominately focused on our Market Place sharing sessions. Participants will network and share with one another via three delivery formats: 1) 10 and 10 tool-sharing sessions, 2) mini presentations, and 3) poster sessions. 
The expected outcomes for participants are:
  • to increase knowledge and skills about evidence-based professional development practices and the use of data to improve implementation, 
  • to increase knowledge of and ability to use new tools presented
  • to build collaborative relationships with SPDG Program colleagues and partners 

The meeting and resources are available to view and download in one of two ways:
     1) Website: SPDG National Meeting Events Page 
     2) Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/home/SPDG%20National%20Meeting_Nov2013


To prepare for the meeting we encourage participants to view the materials, particularly the discussion handouts on day one, and the descriptions and schedules for the Market Place presentations, 10 and 10 tool sessions, and poster sessions.


Also, any participants who consider themselves newcomers to the implementation science frameworks should take the opportunity to review the following prior to the conference:


1)   aiHub Module 1: An Overview of Active Implementation
2)   aiHub Module 2: Implementation Drivers:  
3)   aiHub Framework 1: Usable Interventions and Lesson 2: Usable Interventions
4)   aiHub Lesson3: Practice Profiles 

Meals and Beverages

Similar to the OSEP Project Directors' Conference, we will not be providing breakfast, lunch, beverages or snacks. This change is to ensure we are complying with the federal government’s appropriate use of grant funds for conferences and meetings. 

Group Meet Up: Connect with Your Colleague

Prior to the meeting individuals have the opportunity to gather as a group to informally network, meet new SPDG program members, and make dinner arrangements with one another. The Group Meet Up will take place November 5, 5:30-7:00pm in the Churchill Hotel Lounge. Drinks and food will not be provided.