3rd Annual SPDG National Meeting

Building Stronger Professional Development Systems
Using Data to Improve Implementation 

FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC
November 6-7, 2013


About the Meeting

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Day One - November 6

Welcome, SPDG Program Updates, and Data Use Introduction
PPT | Audio Recording of Presentation (Stream or download mp3 file, Duration: 24 min) 
      Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer, SPDG Program Lead

Data Guided Decision-Making: How Asking Questions Can Improve Fidelity.  
PPT | VIDEO RECORDING of Presentation (Online Streaming, 58 min) | AUDIO RECORDING of Q&A with Jennifer Coffey and Allison Metz (mp3 Audio File, 17 min)
      Allison Metz, Ph.D., Associate Director, National Implementation Research Network

   Resources to view for newcomers to implementation science frameworks:

1)   aiHub Module 1: An Overview of Active Implementation
2)   aiHub Module 2: Implementation Drivers:  
3)   aiHub Framework 1: Usable Interventions 
and Lesson 2: Usable Interventions
4)   aiHub Lesson3: Practice Profiles 

Small Group Discussions
   Topic 1 Handout: Asking Questions to Define the “WHAT” and “HOW” of your practice
   Topic 2 Handout: Asking Questions to Improve Fidelity of the “WHAT”
   Topic 3 Handout: Asking Questions about Coaching Systems to Improve the Fidelity of the "WHAT"

Market Place Break-out Presentations - Round  One

APR Know How: The Revised SPDG Program Measures and Other Reporting Requirements  
PPT | VIDEO RECORDING (Streams online, 38 min)

Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer, SPDG Program Lead

Resources: SPDG Program Measures and Methodology (PDF, 2/2012)

Open Space Discussions - Handout
     - Evaluator
     - Program Measure Reporting

Day Two - November 7

SPDG Program Update (PPT, 2013)  
Audrey Desjarlais, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Signetwork

Related Resources:  New SPDG Staff Orientatin Resource Page

Poster Session – Round One

Market Place Break-out Presentations - Round Two

Market Place 10 and 10 Tool Sharing Sessions

Poster Session – Round Two