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SPDG Program Area Meeting

The SPDG Program Area Meeting occurs the first day of annual OSEP Project Directors' Conference. This is another opportunity for the SPDG Program Grantees to meet with one another to share best practices and strategies to effectively implement evidence-based professional development. To view agenda materials from previous meetings click on the links below. 

2020 Program Area Meeting

2016 Program Area Meeting

2014 SPDG Program Area Meeting

2013 SPDG Program Area Meeting

2012 SPDG Program Area Meeting: Blazing a Trial to Fidelity 

2011 SPDG Program Area Meeting: SIG Day    

2010 SPDG Program Area Meeting: SIG Day 

2007-2009  SPDG Program Area Meetings: SIG Day     


About the OSEP Project Directors' Conference

The OSEP Project Directors' Conference brings together OSEP-funded projects to explore issues regarding preparation, research, technical assistance, technology, and policy and their implications for improving results for children with disabilities. The conference addresses current issues and concerns in the field, share information and knowledge across projects, and provide an opportunity for project directors and staff to network and form alliances. The annual meetings are coordinated OSEP and American Instititues of Research. To learn about this year's conference, register, or view content from previous sessions go to: https://www.osep-meeting.org/about.aspx.