2011 Abstracts: Maine Abstract

2011 Maine State Personnel Development Grant Abstract

Grant/Contract #  H323A110008

Program Name       State Personnel Development Grants Program

Competition           State Personnel Development Grants

Title                      Maine State Personnel Development Grant

Project Director(s)
Jan Breton
David Stockford
Telephone 207-624-6676
Fax 207-624-6700

Beginning Date   10/1/2011
Ending Date        9/30/2016

This project will improve special education and related services by making investments in personnel development across the State of Maine. The professional development will address the needs of children with disabilities, ages birth-20, with all types of disabilities and severity, throughout the state.

Activities of this project include: (a) gathering data and developing a systemic statewide plan addressing preparation and employment of certified personnel in targeted geographic areas; (b) reviewing current and evidence-based professional development strategies to develop individual school administrative unit plans for implementation; (c) coordinating with state pre-K through 12 activities and ongoing professional development activities to implement the Common Core State Standards; (d) developing and implementing a professional development plan on evidence-based Early Intervention Model/coaching; and (e) providing regional workshops with supplemental online modules, guidelines and checklists.