2011 Abstracts: Nebraska Abstract

2011 Nebraska State Personnel Development Grant Abstract

Grant/Contract #  H323A110009

Program Name       State Personnel Development Grants Program

Competition           State Personnel Development Grants

Title                      Nebraska State Personnel Development Grant

Project Director(s)
Mary Ann Losh
Gary Sherman
Telephone 402-471-4357 pr 402-471-2471
Fax 402-471-2113

Beginning Date   10/1/2011
Ending Date        9/30/2016

This project will increase state capacity to provide leadership, professional development and guidance to schools on improving positive behavior and academic outcomes for students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers through a school-wide systems change approach.

Activities of this project include: (a) providing technical assistance (TA) on positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) to 10 new school districts; (b) expanding the PBIS model to include evidence-based strategies; (c) designing and implementing a technology-based delivery system for PBIS training; (d) expanding PBIS coaching to support schools; (e) using a cadre of behavior experts to provide TA; (f) partnering with institutions of higher education to provide PBIS training to future principals; and (g) increasing family and community engagement with PBIS schools.