Resource Library: Restructuring PreService Teacher Education

Innovation & Reform in Teacher Preparation (PDF, June 2009). American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). This is a compilation of impressive & diverse examples of the efforts of schools, colleges & departments of education to create new & better ways to prepare educators for today’s rapidly changing world.

Innovation configurations (behavior, literacy, instructional practices, and others) at the National Comprehensive Center on Teacher Quality (TQ Center) web page: http://www.tqsource.org/publications/innovationconfigurations.php

"Teacher effectiveness, equitable distribution, and teacher preparation are inextricably linked. Recognizing that evidence-based practices account for at least part of the effects of teachers on achievement and the critical role of teacher preparation, the TQ Center offers the following innovation configurations to promote the implementation of evidence-based instructional practices in teacher preparation activities, which is an allowable funding expenditure within ARRA. Innovation configurations are designed to evaluate current teacher preparation and professional development by determining the extent to which evidence-based practices are taught, observed, and applied within teacher preparation and professional development programs. Use of innovation configurations advances collaborative practices and encourages an examination of the similarities, differences, and gaps among programs.

Innovation configurations are designed to improve teacher education, which, in turn, can lead to improved student achievement. Use of innovation configurations to evaluate teacher education programs and professional development activities provides an overview of the competencies taught and practiced within general and special education teacher preparation programs. Innovation configuration results provide credible information about current practices and can be used as the basis or rationale for policy and program changes in teacher preparation and professional development programs at the district, state, and university levels."

Blue Ribbon Panel on Clinical Preparation and Partnerships for Improved Student Learning. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Website.

Collaborative Programs in General and Special Teacher Education: An Action Guide for Higher Education and State Policymakers. (PDF, 2006) Linda P. Blanton and Marleen C. Pugach, Center of Teacher Quality

Educating School Teachers  (PDF, 2006). by Arthur Levine, The Education Schools Project.  

Pre-Service Teacher Education And The Development Of Socially Just Dispositions: A Review Of The Literature. Carmen Mills, The University of Queensland.