State Activities: Certification and Licensure, Recrutiment and Retention

For research and tools related to recruitment and retention, please visit the National Center to Inform Policy and Practice in Special Education's (NCIPP) Web site: www.ncipp.org.  

California's Los Angeles Unified School District has developed an alternative route to credentialing. Participants in the District Intern Program enroll in the Professional Development Plan leading to the Preliminary California Credential and a Professional Clear California Credential. Internship programs are available in a variety of subject areas. In March 2000, the District Intern Program was evaluated and received full accreditation as a teacher training institution and as a licensing recommending agency by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

The University of Oregon's Sapsik'wala Program provides scholarships and training to American Indian teachers who will work in schools with large Indian populations. The goal of the program is to prepare American Indian teachers whose knowledge, skills and cultural sensitivity will bring about long-term, much needed improvements in the educational experiences of American Indian youth. The program includes a full year of support services such as the provision of a mentor; formative evaluations; an electronic distribution and discussion list and on-line consultation and website conferencing.