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Center on Instruction (Literacy, Math, SpEd, ELL)

Tiered Intervention

Sustainability Tools for a Multi-Tiered School-Wide Adolescent Literacy Initiative. Below are instruments  employed by Virginia’s SPDG implementation team to ensure the tiered adolescent literacy model, Content Literacy Continuum, (CLC) is sustained with a high level of fidelity. The primary outcome of the Virginia's CLC initiative is to sustain a multi-tiered literacy program which results in improved student outcomes in six demonstration school divisions across Virginia. The intent is for the demonstration schools to have a highly developed integrated 5-tier system of literacy support that is sustained into the future after outside funding and support has faded.


How to Sustain Tool  (DOC, 3/2012, VA's Content Literacy Continuum tiered adolescent literacy model)
Resources for Sustainabilitiy Table (DOC, 3/2012, VA's Content Literacy Continuum tiered adolescent literacy model)
The CLC Literacy Leadership Team: Leading a School-wide Literacy Iniative (DOC, 3/2012). This descrbes the purpose, goals and roles and responsibilties of the team members.


Center on Instruction (Literacy, Math, SpEd, ELL)

Program Mapping Tool At-A-Glance (XLS) This tool is one that was specially developed for the Minnesota SPDG aligned literacy project which brings together general and special educators in an LEA as they look comprehensively at their literacy curricula and determine whether they offer a complete continuum of curricula to address all of the literacy needs of all learners, including those with severe disabilities. This tool is used with a PLC of LEAs in an aligned literacy project.


Center on Instruction (Literacy, Math, SpEd, ELL)

High Quality Math Instruction: What Teachers Should Know (IRIS Module) On-line tool designed to assist teachers in evaluating mathematics curricula and improving their classroom practices. It focuses on aligning teaching to national and state standards and using evidence-based classroom practices. This module is the first in a series that is being developed and builds on previous modules for literacy.