Past Events: April 19: Directors' PD Series - Professional Development for Administrators

Session Recording - Audio/presentation begins at 21:31 : https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/kxmhyzp

Cynthia Mruczek, Interim Assistant Director of LeadScape, Equity Alliance at ASU
Rich Barbacane, Nat’l Association of Elementary School Principals
Steve Goodman, Ph.D., MiBLSi - Michigan SPDG

Description: Participants of this session will learn about: (1) how to engage administrators in their PD initiatives; (2) how PD for administrators fits into a systemic change framework; (3) how to examine fidelity through a lens of cultural responsivity; and (4) how the Michigan SPDG has formalized their PD approach for administrators. Tools described will include practice profiles (core components of PD for administrators) and guidance for administrator engagement.


Professional Learning for School Leaders: The Principal’s Role in School Transformation [PPT, 4/2011]. Cynthia Mruczek and Rich Barbacane.

Supporting Administrators in the implementation of Response to Intervention PPT [April 19, 2011]. Steve Goodman, Ph.D., MiBLSi Co-Director.

MiBLSi Building Leadership Team Response to Intervention Practice Profile [DOC, April 2011]