Past Events: May 10, 2011: Implementation Conversation

Topic: The Challenges of Building Capacity for Implementation Science in Rural States

Presenter: Michael Ferguson, Co-Director, Vermont SPDG

The Challenges of Building Capacity for Implementation Science in Rural States (PPT, 5/2011). Michael Ferguson, SPDG Co-Director, Vermont.


How are states using technology for rural PD implementation? Also, how are you addressing the bandwidth issues (dial-up) or lack of internet access?

David Tillman, NC: I have never thought about the lack of high speed access in our rural areas. That will be important to consider as we increase online PD solutions.

Amy Gaumer Erickson, KS and MO: I often give the downloadable content early and then do the text or conference-call chat later.

Audrey Desjarlais: Amy will be presenting Missouri’s Moodle online site to support its secondary transition community of practice. For event details go to /events/52

For David Tillman, NC: Amy, have you contracted with "experts" to attend to the threaded, asynchronous "ask the expert" conversations? Or, is this just done by your own staff?
Amy Gaumer Erickson, KS and MO: Yes, we contract with national, state, and local experts.

Leslie Pyper, WA: We're looking at the ipad options as well -- seems like it would be a great way to provide coaching via long distance.... however, still issues with connectivity in rural districts..

Nikki Sandve, MT: MT is has done some coaching with its Early Reading First program, where videos are downloaded on an IPhone and now IPad. The coach can then access pertinent videos that are already in the memory and not required to deal with bandwidth.

Shatarupa Podder, PA: PA has also used Skype for coaches (mentors) and mentees to connect, but it does depend on bandwidth.

Audrey Desjarlais: New Mexico is using iPads for Data collection as a way to measure implementation and fidelity of implementation with their coaches/trainers. To view the app go to the Apple App store under "training and coaching log." Anyone can download the free app but you have to have an account on our system to sync data. Otherwise, the data just stays on your iPad. Please feel free to contact Carlos directly for more information: romero@apexeducation.org

Shatarupa Podder, PA: PA SPDG has created websites that are limited access for mentors-mentees to use.

Theresa Farmer, AL: We are using WebEx for on-line coaching...based on Dr. Rock's research.