March 8, 2011: Implementation Conversations

Topic: Follow-up discussion on evidence-based professional development: building staff competence. Chris Borgmeier, presenter at the 2011 Portland SPDG Regional Meeting answered questions and provided ideas to help  improve systems of professional development.


Chris Borgmeier, Ph.D., Portland State University
Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer

Discussion Questions:

1. Have your SPDG personnel met to discuss potential changes in your professional development system(s)?

If yes, what changes have you made?
Are the changes specific to the SEA, regional, district or school level, or do they affect all levels?

2. What adult learning principles are being used in your SPDG training?

Is there a category your training has gaps in? (e.g., Planning – Introduce & Illustrate; Application – Practice & Evaluate; Deep Understanding- Reflection & Mastery)

3. Have you and your team reviewed the Implementation Drivers Tool for Training?

What “right next steps” have you taken?
Have you decided to make any changes in how you collect data related to training?

4. Are you planning to make any changes in the selection process or coaching for your professional development system(s)?

Presentation Materials

Evidence-based Professional Development: Building Staff Competence [PPT]. Jennifer Coffey, OSEP; Chris Borgmeier, Portland State University; Michelle Duda, SISEP; and Melissa Van Dyke, SISEP.

Implementation Drivers Best Practices Analysis and Discussion Tool Adapted from ©National  Implementation Research Network. Karen A. Blase, Melissa K. Van Dyke, Michelle Duda, and Dean L. Fixsen, September 2010.