Past Events: November 16, 2010: 2010 SPDG Cohort Kick-off Meeting

Target Audience: 2010 SPDG Grant Awardees

Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, SPDG Program Lead; Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

2010 New Cohort Presentation PPT

Description: Jennifer & Audrey will provide an overview of the performance measurement and reporting information on the website.  They'll also describe the numerous online and face-to-face Professional Development events hosted by SIGnetwork and how to access tools and resources found on the public website pages as well as the PLC wikis.

Another critical purpose of the call is project sharing. SPDG Directors and Coordinators are to come prepared to talk about their projects -- describing their objectives, planned activities, and outcomes;  and identifying their primary target group(s) [e.g., elementary, secondary].