Past Events: August 26, 2010: Parent Involvement Framework of Montana's Behavioral Initiative (MBI)

Susan Bailey-Anderson, Montana SPDG Director; Jennifer Calder, Program Coordinator, Montana Parent Information and Resource Center (MT PIRC)

Jennifer Coffey, OSEP SPDG Program Lead

Archived Recording: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/tvfjkvc


Engaging Families, Parents and Communities  (PPT. 2010) Susan Bailey-Anderson and Jennifer Calder

Working with PTIs and CPRCs (PPT, 8/2010) Jennifer Coffey, SPDG Program Area Lead

Resources Shared During the Presentation

Parent Teacher Home Visit Project Video: http://www.pthvp.org/video.html This 13 minute video demonstrates how to engage in home visits so that you can build intentional relationships.

Solid Foundation http://www.adi.org/solidfoundation/
Solid Foundation is an evidence-based planning process to access where you are, to plan, and implement in a two year cycle. Parents are part of the solution for improved student learning. The MT PIRC is currently using. It’s a web-based tool. School improvement plan, surveys, are entered and scored to assess strengths and needs. The Solid Foundation provides the framework, agendas, and, tools, but is not prescriptive so school buildings can customize it. Connect with your PIRC to learn more about it.

Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) http://www.hfrp.org/

Parent Teacher Home Visit Project http://www.pthvp.org/

National PIRC Coordination Center, http://www.nationalpirc.org/ your state PIRC

Ohio Department of Education, Virtual Tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School CD http://www.ode.state.oh.us/GD/Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspx?Page=3&TopicRelationID=428&Content=87296

Department of Education Webinar Series http://www.hfrp.org/family-involvement/projects/achieving-excellence-and-innovation-in-family-school-and-community-engagement-webinar-series

Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships, Henderson, Mapp, Johnson & Davies

2010 OSEP Mega Conference - Parent Strand Presentation on State Personnel Development Grants (SPDG) (S1-206 PPT, 8/2010)  This PPT describes how parent centers are expanding their collaborations with their SEAs to be more involved in the SPDG. (Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, RTP, OSEP; Nancy Prescott, Executive Director, CT Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC); Rich Robison, Executive Director, Federation for Children with Special Needs, MA; Courtney Salzer, Executive Co-Director, Region 4 PTAC at WIFACETS).