Past Events: June 10, 2010: SPDG Competition Bidders' Informational Session #2

2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice

SESSION RECORDINGhttps://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/xyzxjks

Presentation Files and Resources Shared

Welcome, How to use Ilinc, Announcements, Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

Significance PPT, Jennifer Coffey,  OSEP Project Officer

Project Design PPT, Jennifer Coffey, OSEP Project Officer

Project Personnel PPT, Dawn Ellis, OSEP Project Officer

Required Partners PPT, Marsha Goldberg, OSEP Project Officer

TA&D Resources PPT, Corinne Weidenthal, OSEP Project Officer

TA&D Centers Assisting SPDG Projects Chart - Response data from the May 2010 SPDG Survey