Past Events: June 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Connections to the SPP/APR

Description: Kerry Haag presented how Kansas is connecting the SPDG with the SPP/APR through shared people and partners, processes and systems, and accountability and outcomes. Following Kerry's presentation, Arlene Russell and Maureen Hawes described the overall structure and process by which the Regional Resource Center is delivering technical assistance to states.

Kerry Haag, Project Director, Kansas SPDG
Arlene Russell and Maureen Hawes, Co-Coordinators RRCP

Link to View Session Recording: 

PowerPoint Materials:

Connections to the SPP/APR Kerry Haag, John Green, Amy Gaumer Erickson, Kansas SPDG

RRCP Overview PPT  Arlene Russell and Maureen Hawes, Co-Coordinators RRCP

Resources Shared by Participants

CSPD Region/SPP Indicator Report  PDF This is the resource that Susan Bailey Anderson, Montana's SPDG Director, mentioned on the call. It is a report Montana used to guide professional development and to develop the SPP Improvement Strategies.