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Performance Reports Annual and Final Performance Reporting Requirements for State Personnel Development Reporting Requirements Annual Performance Repo... Main Content
State Activities State Activities Sample State Initiatives and Resources For information about national initiatives and projects please visit the Strategies...
Program Evaluation ARCHIVE   (draft) Program Evaluation The State Plan required for the State Professional Development Grant Application must describe how the SEA will assess, ... Archive
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Contact Directory PLEASE NOTE:  If there are any changes , please email the corrections and updates to Patty Hamel at phamel@uoregon.edu.  Thank yo... SIG Admin
Behavior Project ACHIEVE is Arkansas's statewide behavior and acedemic achievement initiative. This program was identified as a "Promising Pr... State Activities
Certification and Licensure, Recrutiment and Retention For research and tools related to recruitment and retention, please visit the National Center to Inform Policy and Practice in Special... State Activities
Literacy Just Read, Florida The Florida Department of Education in consultation with the Florida Board of Education is implementing a comprehensive,... State Activities
Mentoring Utah Mentor Teacher Academy is a statewide program which started in 1986 and is coordinated through the Utah Personnel Development Center. The ... State Activities
Online/Distance Learning Online/Distance Learning innovative professional development programs California has an Online Learning Center that offers online conferenc... State Activities
Partnerships and Collaboration Alabama's Collaborative Teacher Program at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, is designed to prepare teachers to better meet the divers... State Activities
Professional Development, Training and Technical Assistance Missouri has utilized it's SPDG funds to develop and pilot the Missouri Integrated Model (MIM), an innovative program directed at goal... State Activities
November 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: SPDG Year in Review and Tech... Presenters: SPDG Year in Review: Jennifer Doolittle Coffey, OSEP   TECH TALK: Using Wikis to Enhance Communication Lezlie Cline, Pr... 10/19/2009 Past Events
December 11, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Coaching with Virtual Bug-in... Date: December 11, 2009 Presenters: Marcia L. Rock, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Director, Project TEEACH, University of North Carolina at Gre... 12/11/2009 Past Events
2011 SPDG Regional Meeting Professional Development: The Heart of the Matter Agendas Washington, DC        New Orleans, LA ...
November 16, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Teleconference: Personne... Presenter: Lisa Moses, Ph.D., University of Alabama-Birmingham Description: Dr. Lisa Moses is the Project Director for a four year ... 10/17/2009 Past Events
2009 SIG DAY: OSEP Project Director's Conference 2007 & 2008 SIG Days 2009 SIG Day Session Materials About SIG Day On the first day of OSEP Project Directors’ Confer... 07/31/2009 Past Events
SIG Marketplace Session Resources 2009 SIG Marketplace Resources – Organized by Topical Strands Ensuring Fidelity and Regional and Building Level Support Struct...
2008 Events December 10, 2008 Evaluators’ Call Cheryl Lange, Minnesota’s SPDG Evaluator, facilitated a conversation focused on operationalizin... 12/31/2008 Past Events
Partnerships Partnership Requirements for the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Creating Collaborative Relationships that Work: Discussion a... State Activities
Needs Assessment The State Plan included in the application for a State Professional Development Grant (SPDG) must include a needs assessment "that identifi... State Activities
September 17, 2009: SPDG Project Directors' Webinar: Reaching Culturally... Presenters Diana Autin, Co-Director, NE-PACT/Region 1 PTAC at Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJ Beth Schaffner, Director of Special Pr... 08/17/2009 Past Events
August 24, 2009: SPDG Project Directors' Webinar: Ohio's Collaborative I... Presenters Bonnie Jones, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer; Linda Morrow, Ph.D., Muskingum University, Ohio; John Soloninka, Ph.D., Director of Ed... 07/24/2009 Past Events
June 16, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Teleconference: Evaluation of Alabama an... Presenters Judy Schrag, Evaluator, Alabama & Georgia SPDGs; Julia Causey, Project Director, Georgia; Paul Riccomini, National Dropout Prev... 06/16/2009 Past Events
June 10, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Creating Customized Evaluation R... Presenters Cheryl 'Li' Walter and Alan Wood, California SPDG Evaluators Desciption Li and Alan described Calstat's process f... 06/10/2009 Past Events
May 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Building Unified Education System... Presenter Joanne Cashman, IDEA Partnerships Description Joanne Cashman presented strategies for effectively collaborating with national ... 05/19/2009 Past Events
May 12, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Webinar: Massachusetts SPDG Family Engage... Presenters: Madeline Levine (Project Director), Will Blackwell and Lassity Cauley – MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;... 05/12/2009 Past Events
April 23, 2009: FY 2009 SPDG Grant Application Informational Webinar Description: OSEP SPDG Project Officers Jennifer Doolittle and Pat Gonzalez provided information on the FY09 SPDG application process, h... 04/23/2009 Past Events
April 21, 2009: SPDG Evaluators'Planning Call Description: Pat Gonzalez provided an overview of the SIG Day agenda. Group planned topics to discuss for the Evaluators Break-out session. ... 04/21/2009 Past Events
April 14, 2009: Directors' Webinar: National Center RtI Technical Assist... Presenters: Tessie Rose, Ph.D. and Stacia Rush, Ph.D. Description: Drs. Rose and Rush provided an in-depth overview of their intensi... 04/14/2009 Past Events
April 13, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Call: Southeast Regional Co... Presenter: Elizabeth Beale, Ed.D., Southeast Regional Resource Center Description: This presentation focused on the low incid... 04/13/2009 Past Events
February 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Using Technology for Profess... Presenter: Larry Edelman, M.S, University of Colorado, Boulder Description: This lively, provocative session stimulated think... 02/19/2009 Past Events
February 17, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Planning Call Description: Pat Gonzalez described of the activities of the Center to Improve Project Performance (CIPP) and the group planned topics for t... 02/17/2009 Past Events
February 9, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Call: Northeast Regional ... Presenters: Robert McCulley, M.Ed. and Laura Bozeman, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston Description: Drs. Rob McCaule... 02/09/2009 Past Events
January 27, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: National RtI Center Update an... Presenters: Tessie Rose and Amy Elledge, National RtI Center\ Jennifer Doolittle, OSEP Description: Amy Elledge and Tessie Rose of... 01/27/2009 Past Events
January 22, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Call: Operationalizing SPDG Measure 3... Facilitator: Pat Mueller, New Hampshire and Mississippii SPDG Evaluator Materials: Compiled Feedback Summary Notes 01/22/2009 Past Events
2007 Events December 12, 2007 Joint Topical Call: “Cyber Coaching: Advanced Online Bug-In-Ear (BIE) Technology in Action” presentation by Marc... 12/31/2007 Past Events
January 19, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Description: Participating states'  describe their SEA, IHE and LEA systems as they pertain to students with significant needs; and sha... 01/19/2010 Past Events
March 15, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Facilitator: Lori Romano, Ph.D., Florida SPDG Director Description: We continued our conversation on maping out the SEA, IHE, LEA syste... 03/15/2010 Past Events
May 17, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter/Facilitator: Toyah Robey, Co-Director Kentucky SPDG Who are the Students who take Alternate Achievement Standards Assessments in K... 05/17/2010 Past Events
September 20, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter & Facilitator: Janet M. Sloand, Ed.D., Director, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network PaTTAN Topic:  Th... 09/20/2010 Past Events
December 14, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter: Gina Quintana, Senior Consultant, Colorado Department of Education Recording  (begins 4:40 into the session) Resources ... 12/14/2010 Past Events
January 12, 2010: Implementation Conversations: Coaching Topic: Review of Implementation Drivers as it applies to Coaching Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey, OSEP’s SPDG Program Lead and Audrey Des... 01/12/2010 Past Events
March 9, 2010: SPDG Implementation Conversations Presenter/ Facilitator: Bruce Schroeder, SPDG Director, Utah Description: Bruce Schroeder described Utah's SPDG coaching system and... 03/09/2010 Past Events
May 11, 2010: Implementation Conversations Presenter: Steve Goodman, Co-Director Michigan SPDG, MiBLSi Description: Steve presented a framework of concepts this workgroup could u... 05/11/2010 Past Events
September 14, 2010, Implementation Conversation: Selection & Evaluation ... Presenter: Pam Williams, Missouri SPDG Director Recording Files, Documents and Websites Show-Me Implementation (PPT). Pam Williams, ... 09/14/2010
July, 19, 2010: SIG Day at OSEP Project Directors' Conference About SIG Day On the first day of OSEP Project Directors’ Conference the SIGnetwork hosts an afternoon session for Project Directors ... 07/19/2010 Past Events
January 14, 2010: Just-in-Time: Wiki Basics Presenters: Lezlie Cline, Project Manager, ESE Personnel Development Support Project, Florida; and Wilma Jozwiak, Coordinator of Facilitation,... 01/14/2010 Past Events
January 20, 2010: Directors' Webinar: 2010 SPDG Annual Performance Repo... 2010 Grant Annual Performance Reporting Guidance (PPT). Jennifer Doolittle Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer Reporting Materials and Rela... 01/20/2010 Past Events
February 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Evidence Based Professional Devel... Presenter: Carol Trivette, Ph.D., Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, North Carolina Audio Recording (mp3) An Evidence-Based Approach to P... 02/16/2010 Past Events
March 2, 2010: Directors' Webinar: 2010 SPDG Annual Performance Reportin... Materials Reporting Guidance (PPT) OSEP’s 2010 SPDG Continuation Package Logic Models (PPT) Voice-over presentations: (1) How ... 03/02/2010 Past Events
OSEP Project Directors' Conference: SPDG Program Area Meeting   2012 SPDG Program Area Meeting: Blazing Trails to Fidelity The 2012 OSEP Project Directors' Conference was held July 23-...
2007-2009 SPDG Program Area Meetings: SIG Day at OSEP Project Directors' Conference 2009, 2008, 2007   2009 SIG Day Session Materials About SIG Day The 2009 agenda pro...
2009 SPDG Regional Meetings Agendas Washington, DC Agenda Kansas City, MO Agenda Portland, OR Agenda [Face to Face] Webcast Sample Agenda [Online] Handout...
Job Announcements, Request for Proposals, and Funding Opportunities Jobs Central Wyoming Community College  (Riverton, Wyoming), has posted an Implementation Coach position for the Wyoming SPDG. Wyoming ... 04/06/2010
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February 11, 2010: Evaluators' Session: How results from Westat's SIG Pr... Presenters Tom Fiore and Alison Langham, Westat; and Larry Magliocca, Ohio SPDG Evaluator, Ohio State University Session Recording: ... 02/11/2010 Past Events
How-Tos On this page you will find training materials and video demonstrations of the SIGnetwork password-protected online collaborative tools, which ar... 02/16/2010 SIG Admin
February 22. 2010: Professional Learning Community Info Sessions Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey and Audrey Desjarlais PLC Member Lists The Purpose of the PLCs is to provide an opportunity for states to ... 02/22/2010 Past Events
March 4, 2010: Professional Learning Communities Info Session Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey, OSEP Project Officer and Audrey Desjarlais, SPDG Coordinator Recording PLC Member Lists The Purpose o... 03/02/2010 Past Events
May 13, 2010: Evaluators' Session: How to incorporate the implementation...     Session Recording Session Materials: How to incorporate implementation drivers into evaluation PPT. Amy Ga... 05/13/2010 Past Events
June17, 2010: Evaluators' Session: Using and Implementing Goal Attainmen... Presenters/Facilitators Amy Gaumer Erickson, Ph.D., KS & MO SPDG Evaluator, University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning Moni... 06/17/2010 Past Events
April 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar - SPDG Leadership: Considering Inters... Description: Rorie Fitzpatrick began the session, describing Nevada’s role of leadership in school and district improvement as it relates ... 04/16/2010 Past Events
April 19, 2010: SPDG Bidders Webinar #1 Description: This is the first of two informational sessions to provide guidance to states submitting applications for the 2010 SPDG Competition... 04/19/2010 Past Events
May 4, 2010: SPDG Bidders Webinar #2 Description: The second of two information sessions providing guidance to states submitting applications for the 2010 SPDG Competition. The sess... 05/04/2010 Past Events
June 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Connections to the SPP/APR Description: Kerry Haag presented how Kansas is connecting the SPDG with the SPP/APR through shared people and partners, processes and systems, ... 06/16/2010 Past Events
Mid-South Regional Resource Center's SPDG Regional Meeting   Annotated List of Resources & Information Requested at MSRRC SPDG Regional Meeting April 27-28, 2010 Kansas Mu...
May 27, 2010: Informational Webinar on Technical Assistance and Dissemin... Description: The purpose of the session is for states to learn about the TA&D Centers that could act as potential partners in their next SPD... 05/27/2010 Past Events
SPDG Program Objectives and Performance Measures Measure 1.1- Evidence-Based Practices (Personnel): The percent of personnel receiving professional development through the SPDG bas...
May 24, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Wisconsin's Strategies to Effectively ... Presenters: Patricia Bober, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Courtney Salzer, Co-Director, Parent Training and Information Center ... 05/24/2010 Past Events
June 8, 2010 SPDG Competition Bidders Session #1 2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice Webinar Recording Link: LINK GOES HERE AGENDA (Eastern Time) 3:00 – ... 06/08/2010 Past Events
June 10, 2010: SPDG Competition Bidders' Informational Session #2 2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice SESSION RECORDING:  https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/xyzxjks Present... 06/10/2010 Past Events
2009 Signetwork Events - Webinars, Teleconferences, Meetings   (draft) 2009 Events
August 26, 2010: Parent Involvement Framework of Montana's Behavioral In... Presenters Susan Bailey-Anderson, Montana SPDG Director; Jennifer Calder, Program Coordinator, Montana Parent Information and Resource Center ... 08/26/2010 Past Events
dropbox   (draft) PPT Introductions
September 30, 2010: SPDG Directors Webinar: Disseminating Information an... Presenters: Don Barrett, OSEP Section 508 Coordinator for the Department of Education and Michael Ferguson, Vermont’s SPDG Co-Director and... 09/30/2010 Past Events
November 17, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How Washington is Using Prog... Presenters: Leslie Pyper, Washington SPDG Director and Gregory Roberts, Ph.D., Center on Instruction, Special Education Strand Recording ... 11/17/2010 Past Events
December 9, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How Mississippi is Working w... Presenters: Hollie Gabler Filce, Mississippi SPDG Coordinator, MS REACH; Patricia Gautier, Family Coordinator REACH MS; and Selina Merrell, Dist... 12/09/2010 Past Events
Grant Management Final Reporting and No-cost Extensions The Final Year of Your Project Final reports are due within 90 days of the last day of your... Main Content
October 25, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How to Work with your SPDG Ad... Presenters: Hollie Gabler Filce, Mississippi SPDG Coordinator and Amy Jenks, New Hampshire SPDG Coordinator Recording Presentation Fil... 10/25/2010 Past Events
November 9, 2010: Implementation Conversations - Selection of Evidence ... Topic: How SEAs and LEAs choose innovations to support practices? Dianna Carrizales will provide an overview of Oregon's approach to sup... 11/09/2010 Past Events
November 16, 2010: 2010 SPDG Cohort Kick-off Meeting Target Audience: 2010 SPDG Grant Awardees Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, SPDG Program Lead; Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator 2010... 11/16/2010 Past Events
January 18, 2011: SPDG Evaluators' Webinar - Problem Solving & Response ... Description: Invited presenters Jose Castillo and Clark Dorman will describe in-depth how they are using the Self-Assessment of Problem Solving ... 01/18/2011 Past Events
January 11, 2011: Implementation Conversations - Implementation Rubrics Description: Alan Wood and Li Walter provided an in-depth overview of California’s PBS and Early Reading Interventions Academy implementat... 01/11/2011
March 8, 2011: Implementation Conversations Topic: Follow-up discussion on evidence-based professional development: building staff competence. Chris Borgmeier, presenter at the 2011 Portla... 03/08/2011
May 10, 2011: Implementation Conversation Topic: The Challenges of Building Capacity for Implementation Science in Rural States Presenter: Michael Ferguson, Co-Director, Vermont SPD... 05/10/2011 Past Events
September 13, 2011: Implementation Conversations Topic: TBD Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern / 2:00 – 3:00pm Central/ 1:00 - 2:00pm, Mountain/ 12:00 – 1:00pm Pacific Joi... 09/13/2010 Past Events
November 8, 2011: Implementation Conversations Topic: TBD Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern / 2:00 – 3:00pm Central/ 1:00 - 2:00pm, Mountain/ 12:00 – 1:00pm Pacific Joi... 11/08/2010 Past Events
December 7, 2010: SPDG Program Measure Discussion: Teacher Retention   This is one of several meetings hosted by OSEP to give SPDG personnel and evaluators an opportunity to provide feedback related to ... 12/07/2010 Past Events
January 12, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Models of and Evaluating Profe... Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP; Julie Morrison, Ph.D., Ohio SPDG Evaluator, University of Cincinnati; Cheryl “Li” Walter, ... 01/12/2011 Past Events
April: PLC Event Listing Family Engagement Next Call: April 18, 3:00-4:00pm Eastern Join Link: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/ywzttyp Dial-In: 1-888-44... 01/01/2011 Past Events
SPDG Marketplace 2011 Presentations Go to the Regional Meeting Materials Page Download Portland Marketplace Presenter List Portland, OR - February 15-16, 2011 Onl... 01/24/2011
March 24, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Innovation Fluency Presenters: Karen Blase, Ph.D., SISEP Center and Jane Splean, Nevada SPDG Project Director. Description What Is “It” and How D... 03/24/2011 Past Events
April 19: Directors' PD Series - Professional Development for Administra... Session Recording - Audio/presentation begins at 21:31 : https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/kxmhyzp Presenters: Cynthia Mruczek, Interim Assist... 04/19/2011 Past Events
May 18, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Using Technologies for Professional... 21st Century Professional Development: Preparing for Educational Transformation (PPT - 15 MB, 5/2011). Dr. Chris Dede presented how emerging info... 05/18/2010 Tools and Resources
March 17, 2011: Evaluators' Webinar Title: Measuring Implementation: School-Wide Instructional Staff Perspective SESSION RECORDING: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/fmsjvcr ... 03/17/2011 Past Events
2011 Regional Meeting Materials Hotel Logistics and Conference Information Agendas Washington, DC Agenda          New Orlean...
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SIG Day 2010 SPDG Program Related Events SIG Day Agenda Poster Session Early Bird Affinity Session: SPDG Implementation Conversati...
2010 SPDG Program Area Meeting: SIG Day   SPDG Program Related Events SIG Day Agenda Poster Session Early Bird Affinity Session: SPDG Implementation Conver...
March 14, 2011: SPDG Perfomance Measurement Call #1 Description: This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input to OSEP on the proposed SPDG Performance Measurement revisions that were... 03/14/2011 Past Events
March 29, 2011: SPDG Performance Measurement Call #2 Description This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input to OSEP on the proposed SPDG Performance Measurement revisions that wer... 03/29/2011 Past Events
April 12, 2011: SPDG Performance Measurement Call #3 Description: This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input on the methodology for OSEP's SPDG Performance Measurement revisions... 04/12/2011 Past Events
March 30, 2011 SPDG Continuation Reporting Q &A Session Recording: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/rrkhcwh Facilitator: Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D, OSEP Project Officer, 2011 Continu... 03/30/2011 Past Events
G5 Guidance and Tips       G5 Guidance G5 - Completing a Reports Package – Part I (doc). This document descrbes how Regi...
Response to Intervention National Center Links Center on Instruction [Literacy, Math, SpEd, ELL] Center on Innovation & Improvement Doing What Works [Evi... Resource Library
Behavior Interventions & School Climate Intensive Behavior Supports Nebraska Positive Behaviorial Interventions Support Positive Behavior Support of Georgia North Carolina ... Resource Library
Secondary Transition OSEP Funded National Technical Assistance and Dissemination Centers on Secondary / Postsecondary National Center on Secondary Education and ... Resource Library
Early Childhood TA&D Center Website Resources Doing What Works Preschool Language and Literacy - Evidence-Based Practices The What Works Clearinghouse h... Resource Library
Evidence-Based Professional Development   Professional Development Matters. (Webinar delivered to National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, Recording link) Erickson, ... Resource Library
Implementation Science & Scaling Up “System-wide change will only happen if there are multiple drivers, multiple partnerships, multiple teams and many individuals working ... Resource Library
Evaluation The State Professional Development Grantees must describe how the SEA will assess, on a regular basis, the extent to which the strategies implem... Main Content
Adolescent Instructional Practices TA&D and Other OSEP Funded Centers What Works Clearinghouse Planning Template #1: Working with SEAS (DOC).  Regional Comprehens... Resource Library
Low Incidence / Supporting Students with Significant Needs Early On Michigan This website. Michigan's early intervention system - Early On - website. Sherlock Center on Disabilities Manuals &... Resource Library
Elementary School Instructional Practices Literacy Doing What Works Evidence-Based Practice Guides Center on Instruction Literacy, Math, SpEd, ELL] Increasing the Effectivene... Resource Library
Recruitment/Retention Special Education Teacher Shortages - Building the Data Systems & Predictive Models to Understand the Scope of the Problem [PPT, Caffarella,... Resource Library
Technology National Center Websites and Resources National Center for Technology Innovation OSEP-Funded Technology Centers - Center for Implementin... Resource Library
Restructuring PreService Teacher Education Innovation & Reform in Teacher Preparation (PDF, June 2009). American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). This is a co... Resource Library
Family Engagement National TA&D Agencies and Research Institute Links Here is a good resource list for parent, family, and community engagement compiled b... Resource Library
Leadership Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) Website.  OLAC's six-pillared Ohio Leadership Development Framework provided the tenets on... Resource Library
Collaboration and Partnering What does the Liturature Say about the Effectiveness of Interorganizational Collaboration? The Center to Improve Project Performance (CIPP) ... Resource Library
Resource Library The State Professional Development Grantees are implementing a variety of initiatives. In an effort to assist projects we've complied a libr... Main Content
OSEP & TA&D Center Grant Applications Announcements National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities The National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilit...
Online Modules Learning Port; Resource with information (format, duration, cost, acess, etc.) and links to various online education modules developed by&n... Resource Library
2012 National Meeting   (draft) Main Content
2012 SPDG National Meeting Agenda (final, 3/1/2012) Virtual Agenda MarketPlace Presentations and Resources      Day One - March 6 W...
2011 SPDG Grantee Abstracts Connecticut Louisiana Maine Nebraska New York Oklahoma Oregon Wyoming Abstracts
Oregon Abstract 2011 Oregon State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110002 Program Name     &nbs... Abstracts
Louisiana Abstract 2011 Louisiana State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110003 Program Name     &... Abstracts
Nebraska Abstract 2011 Nebraska State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110009 Program Name     &n... Abstracts
Maine Abstract 2011 Maine State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110008 Program Name     &nbsp... Abstracts
Oklahoma Abstract 2011 Oklahoma State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110007 Program Name     &n... Abstracts
Connecticut Abstract 2011 Connecticut State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract #  H323A110006 Program Name    &nbsp... Abstracts
New York Abstract 2011 New York State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract # H323A110005 Program Name     State Personn... Abstracts
Wyoming Abstract 2011 Wyoming State Personnel Development Grant Abstract Grant/Contract # H323A110004 Program Name     State Personne... Abstracts
Program Measures NEW Evidence-based Professional Development Components Worksheet (Posted 1/26/16) Rubric A: SPDG Evidence-based Professional Development Com... Main Content
SIG Map XML   (draft) Alabama-2007/content_pages/5#ALAlabama_blankAlaska-2010/content_pages/5#AKAlaska_blankArizona-2007/content_pages/5#AZArizona_blankArkansas-2009/...
2012 SPDG MarketPlace Poster Sessions 2012 MarketPlace Presentation List (Word) Link to Agenda and Conference Materials Round 1 Scaling a Statewide Multi-Tiered System of S...
2012 SPDG National Meeting Agenda and Resources Building Stronger Professional Development  Systems through a Focus on Implementation Agenda (final, 3/1/2012)   &n...
2011 SPDG Program Area Meeting: SIG Day SIG Day - Monday, July 18 (2:30-5:00pm) Location: Maryland AB The 2011 OSEP Project Directors' Conference will be held July 18&ndash...
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SPDG Presentation at 2012 CEC Conference Moving Forward with State-wide Implementation of RTI: Three State Examples The State Personnel Development Grants (SPDGs) program funds 45 S...
National Center Intensive Intervention - Apply for Intensive Technical ... The National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) is a new national technical assistance center funded by the U.S. Office of Special Educatio...
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Test php dB   (draft) Please select your state - - - - - - - - -AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict Of ColumbiaFloridaGeorgi...
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SPDG Competition Bidders Session #1 - June 1, 2010 2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice Recording AGENDA (Eastern Time) 3:00 – 3:10 Welcome, How to use iLinc, A...
Common Core  Website Resource Collections PowerUp WHAT WORKS provides free evidence-based resources to elevate your professional learning. We ...
2012 SPDG Competition Information and Resources The SPDG Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) was published. The deadline to submit a SPDG Application is:September 4, 2012.  The contact per...
Professional Development Directors' Webinar Series (offered in 2011)   Models of and Evaluating Professional Development Date: January 12, 2011 Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer; Jul...
Coaching Types of Coaching    Systems Coaching    Instructional   Data Collection Guidance/Policy Measures/T...
2012 SPDG Competition   The 2012 SPDG Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) was published in August and the deadline to submit an application was September...
2013 SPDG National Meeting (March 5-6) 2013 SPDG National Meeting: Building Stronger Professional Development Systems Through a Focus on Implementation  AGENDA  ...
2013 National Meeting Materials Agenda  Participant List   Day One - March 5 ESEA Flex and SPDG:  What’s the Connection? Ruth Ryder, De...
National Meeting Call for Proposals   After hosting national and regional meetings for 6 years, participants have continually indicated that the most valuable aspect of ou...
Photos JamesDolittleCoffey
2013 National Meeting Poster Session 2013 National Meeting Posters Poster  Participants State SPDG Affiliation ...
2013 National Meeting Market Place Sessions Market Place Session Descriptions (PDF). This document provides descriptions of each market place presentation found below.   Round...
About the Meeting AGENDA  Online Agenda and meeting resources and materials  (PPT files, PDF resources, etc.) Participant List (posted 2/26) ...
Tips for inputting data to G5 Secction A Character Limitation If you need more than 4,000 characters in Section A of your APR under “Explanation of Progress (Includ...
SPDG National Meetings 7th Annual SPDG National Meeting Information, October 2017   About the Event Each year OSEP and Signetwork host a two-da... SIG Admin
SPDG Program Area Meetings SPDG Program Area Meeting The SPDG Program Area Meeting occurs the first day of annual OSEP Project Directors' Conference. This is anoth... SIG Admin
2008 SPDG Regional Meetings Materials and Notes Agendas  Scottsdale, Arizona – November 13-14 Kansas City, Missouri – November 17-18 Wa...
2007 SPDG Regional Meetings Opening Remarks and Project Management [Notes] by Larry Wexler and comments by Lou Danielson from Bethesda Meeting — synthesis from t...
2013 SPDG Program Area Meeting     Sustainability: Creating it from Day One  AGENDA (pdf) 4:00 – 4:20         Welcome...
2013 SPDG National Meeting (November) Save the Date Flyer Draft Agenda  (to be posted August 2013) Link to Registration and Hotel Information (to be posted August 2...
3rd Annual SPDG National Meeting Building Stronger Professional Development Systems Using Data to Improve Implementation  FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC Nov...
About the Meeting 3rd Annual SPDG National Meeting (November 2013) Location and Dates The third annual SPDG National Meeting occurs November 6-7, 20...
About the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) PLC Webinar Schedule PLC Monthly Recurring Meeting Schedule January- June 2014 (Docx). This provides a list of recurring dates for each PLC ...
Market Place Presentations SPDG National Meeting Round 1 - November 6, 1:45-2:30 pm Fast-Tracking the School Improvement Process:  Strategic Planning, Administrati...
Market Place 10 and 10 Tool Sharing Sessions SPDG National Meeting  November 7, 10:45-11:05 am California’s Project READ Program Guide (PDF). This Program Guide...
Market Place Poster Sessions SPDG National Meeting  Round 1 •  November 7 • 8:20 - 8:55 am All levels = state, regi...
New SPDG Staff Orientation Resources The purpose of this page is to assist new SPDG Directors and Coordinators in gaining knowledge about the SPDG Program requirements, how and wher...
2014 SPDG Program Area Meeting   The 2014 SPDG Program Area Meeting will take place from 4:00-6:00 pm on Monday July 21—the first afternoon of the 2014 OSEP Pro...
4th Annual SPDG National Meeting October 9-10, 2014 FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC Registration: Link. Registration page contains links to lodging, local restauran...
2014 National Meeting: 10 & 10 Tool Sharing Sessions Click the links below to access presentation materials.   SESSION ONE:  8:45 – 9:05 ...
2014 National Meeting: Poster Session Click the links below to access presentation materials. Poster Topics and Presenters Target Audi...
2014 National Meeting: Market Place Presentations Click the links below to access presentation materials.           &nb...
Implementation Drivers Tools   (draft) Resource Library, Tools and Resources
2015 SPDG National Meeting   (draft) 2015 National Meeting October National Meeting
2015 SPDG National Meeting 5th Annual SPDG National Meeting October 14-15, 2015 FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC Conference Objectives: • Increase... National Meeting
2015 National Meeting. EBPD 10&10 Sharing SESSION Sustained Shared Expectations While Preparing and Mentoring TVI and COMS Acro... National Meeting
2015 National Meeting. Market Place Presentations                     &n... National Meeting
2015 National Meeting. Problem Solivng Discussions                 &nbs... National Meeting
2015 National Meeting. Project Management Presentations                     &n... National Meeting
2015 National Meeting. Coaching 10&10 Sharing SESSION  Assessing Instructional Coaching Instructional Coaching is... National Meeting
State Systemic Improvement Plan Resources Integrating SPDG work with SSIP Phase I and II. Overview of the Alabama State Systemic Improvement Plan. Alabama provides an overview of how... 04/24/2016 Resource Library
2016 Program Area Meeting 2016 SPDG Program Area Meeting The 2016 SPDG Program Area Meeting will take place from 4:00-6:00 pm on Monday August 1st—the first aft... Program Area Meetings
2016 SPDG National Meeting October 11-12, 2016 FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC Conference Objectives: • Increase knowledge and skills about evidence-... National Meeting
2016 National Meeting. 10&10 Session: 10 and 10 Process (Systems) Coaching Service Delivery Plan Ohio utilize... National Meeting
2016 National Meeting. Ignite Session: Ignite Explore Transition Resources on NextSteps-NH.org NextSteps-NH.or...
2016 National Meeting. Market Place Presentations   Session: Market Place College and Career Competency Framework: Translati... National Meeting
2016 National Meeting. Issaquah Session: Issaquah, 8:50-9:40 When Offers of Technical Assistance to States is Confusing and ... National Meeting
2016 National Meeting. Speed Sharing Session: Speed Sharing 1, 8:50-9:10 Evaluation Briefs: Disseminating Evaluation Data ... National Meeting
SPDGs and OSEP TA providers There has been a request that the SIGnetwork share information about what the SPDG projects do with OSEP's TA providers.  We have an Ex...
2017 SPDG National Meeting October 5-6, 2017 FHI360 Conference Center, Washington, DC Agenda Please use the following link to register: https://oregon.qualtric... National Meeting