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November 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: SPDG Year in Review and Tech... Presenters: SPDG Year in Review: Jennifer Doolittle Coffey, OSEP   TECH TALK: Using Wikis to Enhance Communication Lezlie Cline, Pr... 10/19/2009
November 16, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Teleconference: Personne... Presenter: Lisa Moses, Ph.D., University of Alabama-Birmingham Description: Dr. Lisa Moses is the Project Director for a four year ... 10/17/2009
2008 Events December 10, 2008 Evaluators’ Call Cheryl Lange, Minnesota’s SPDG Evaluator, facilitated a conversation focused on operationalizin... 12/31/2008
September 17, 2009: SPDG Project Directors' Webinar: Reaching Culturally... Presenters Diana Autin, Co-Director, NE-PACT/Region 1 PTAC at Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJ Beth Schaffner, Director of Special Pr... 08/17/2009
August 24, 2009: SPDG Project Directors' Webinar: Ohio's Collaborative I... Presenters Bonnie Jones, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer; Linda Morrow, Ph.D., Muskingum University, Ohio; John Soloninka, Ph.D., Director of Ed... 07/24/2009
2009 SIG DAY: OSEP Project Director's Conference 2007 & 2008 SIG Days 2009 SIG Day Session Materials About SIG Day On the first day of OSEP Project Directors’ Confer... 07/31/2009
June 16, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Teleconference: Evaluation of Alabama an... Presenters Judy Schrag, Evaluator, Alabama & Georgia SPDGs; Julia Causey, Project Director, Georgia; Paul Riccomini, National Dropout Prev... 06/16/2009
June 10, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Creating Customized Evaluation R... Presenters Cheryl 'Li' Walter and Alan Wood, California SPDG Evaluators Desciption Li and Alan described Calstat's process f... 06/10/2009
May 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Building Unified Education System... Presenter Joanne Cashman, IDEA Partnerships Description Joanne Cashman presented strategies for effectively collaborating with national ... 05/19/2009
May 12, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Webinar: Massachusetts SPDG Family Engage... Presenters: Madeline Levine (Project Director), Will Blackwell and Lassity Cauley – MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;... 05/12/2009
April 23, 2009: FY 2009 SPDG Grant Application Informational Webinar Description: OSEP SPDG Project Officers Jennifer Doolittle and Pat Gonzalez provided information on the FY09 SPDG application process, h... 04/23/2009
April 21, 2009: SPDG Evaluators'Planning Call Description: Pat Gonzalez provided an overview of the SIG Day agenda. Group planned topics to discuss for the Evaluators Break-out session. ... 04/21/2009
April 14, 2009: Directors' Webinar: National Center RtI Technical Assist... Presenters: Tessie Rose, Ph.D. and Stacia Rush, Ph.D. Description: Drs. Rose and Rush provided an in-depth overview of their intensi... 04/14/2009
April 13, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Call: Southeast Regional Co... Presenter: Elizabeth Beale, Ed.D., Southeast Regional Resource Center Description: This presentation focused on the low incid... 04/13/2009
February 19, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Using Technology for Profess... Presenter: Larry Edelman, M.S, University of Colorado, Boulder Description: This lively, provocative session stimulated think... 02/19/2009
February 17, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Planning Call Description: Pat Gonzalez described of the activities of the Center to Improve Project Performance (CIPP) and the group planned topics for t... 02/17/2009
February 9, 2009: Low Incidence Affinity Group Call: Northeast Regional ... Presenters: Robert McCulley, M.Ed. and Laura Bozeman, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Boston Description: Drs. Rob McCaule... 02/09/2009
January 27, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: National RtI Center Update an... Presenters: Tessie Rose and Amy Elledge, National RtI Center\ Jennifer Doolittle, OSEP Description: Amy Elledge and Tessie Rose of... 01/27/2009
2007 Events December 12, 2007 Joint Topical Call: “Cyber Coaching: Advanced Online Bug-In-Ear (BIE) Technology in Action” presentation by Marc... 12/31/2007
December 11, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Coaching with Virtual Bug-in... Date: December 11, 2009 Presenters: Marcia L. Rock, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Director, Project TEEACH, University of North Carolina at Gre... 12/11/2009
January 12, 2010: Implementation Conversations: Coaching Topic: Review of Implementation Drivers as it applies to Coaching Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey, OSEP’s SPDG Program Lead and Audrey Des... 01/12/2010
January 14, 2010: Just-in-Time: Wiki Basics Presenters: Lezlie Cline, Project Manager, ESE Personnel Development Support Project, Florida; and Wilma Jozwiak, Coordinator of Facilitation,... 01/14/2010
January 19, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Description: Participating states'  describe their SEA, IHE and LEA systems as they pertain to students with significant needs; and sha... 01/19/2010
January 20, 2010: Directors' Webinar: 2010 SPDG Annual Performance Repo... 2010 Grant Annual Performance Reporting Guidance (PPT). Jennifer Doolittle Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer Reporting Materials and Rela... 01/20/2010
February 11, 2010: Evaluators' Session: How results from Westat's SIG Pr... Presenters Tom Fiore and Alison Langham, Westat; and Larry Magliocca, Ohio SPDG Evaluator, Ohio State University Session Recording: ... 02/11/2010
February 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Evidence Based Professional Devel... Presenter: Carol Trivette, Ph.D., Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, North Carolina Audio Recording (mp3) An Evidence-Based Approach to P... 02/16/2010
February 22. 2010: Professional Learning Community Info Sessions Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey and Audrey Desjarlais PLC Member Lists The Purpose of the PLCs is to provide an opportunity for states to ... 02/22/2010
March 2, 2010: Directors' Webinar: 2010 SPDG Annual Performance Reportin... Materials Reporting Guidance (PPT) OSEP’s 2010 SPDG Continuation Package Logic Models (PPT) Voice-over presentations: (1) How ... 03/02/2010
March 4, 2010: Professional Learning Communities Info Session Facilitators: Jennifer Coffey, OSEP Project Officer and Audrey Desjarlais, SPDG Coordinator Recording PLC Member Lists The Purpose o... 03/02/2010
March 9, 2010: SPDG Implementation Conversations Presenter/ Facilitator: Bruce Schroeder, SPDG Director, Utah Description: Bruce Schroeder described Utah's SPDG coaching system and... 03/09/2010
March 15, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Facilitator: Lori Romano, Ph.D., Florida SPDG Director Description: We continued our conversation on maping out the SEA, IHE, LEA syste... 03/15/2010
April 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar - SPDG Leadership: Considering Inters... Description: Rorie Fitzpatrick began the session, describing Nevada’s role of leadership in school and district improvement as it relates ... 04/16/2010
April 19, 2010: SPDG Bidders Webinar #1 Description: This is the first of two informational sessions to provide guidance to states submitting applications for the 2010 SPDG Competition... 04/19/2010
May 4, 2010: SPDG Bidders Webinar #2 Description: The second of two information sessions providing guidance to states submitting applications for the 2010 SPDG Competition. The sess... 05/04/2010
May 11, 2010: Implementation Conversations Presenter: Steve Goodman, Co-Director Michigan SPDG, MiBLSi Description: Steve presented a framework of concepts this workgroup could u... 05/11/2010
May 13, 2010: Evaluators' Session: How to incorporate the implementation...     Session Recording Session Materials: How to incorporate implementation drivers into evaluation PPT. Amy Ga... 05/13/2010
May 17, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter/Facilitator: Toyah Robey, Co-Director Kentucky SPDG Who are the Students who take Alternate Achievement Standards Assessments in K... 05/17/2010
May 24, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Wisconsin's Strategies to Effectively ... Presenters: Patricia Bober, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and Courtney Salzer, Co-Director, Parent Training and Information Center ... 05/24/2010
May 27, 2010: Informational Webinar on Technical Assistance and Dissemin... Description: The purpose of the session is for states to learn about the TA&D Centers that could act as potential partners in their next SPD... 05/27/2010
January 22, 2009: SPDG Evaluators' Call: Operationalizing SPDG Measure 3... Facilitator: Pat Mueller, New Hampshire and Mississippii SPDG Evaluator Materials: Compiled Feedback Summary Notes 01/22/2009
June 8, 2010 SPDG Competition Bidders Session #1 2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice Webinar Recording Link: LINK GOES HERE AGENDA (Eastern Time) 3:00 – ... 06/08/2010
June 10, 2010: SPDG Competition Bidders' Informational Session #2 2010 State Personnel Development Grant Federal Notice SESSION RECORDING:  https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/xyzxjks Present... 06/10/2010
June 16, 2010: Directors' Webinar: Connections to the SPP/APR Description: Kerry Haag presented how Kansas is connecting the SPDG with the SPP/APR through shared people and partners, processes and systems, ... 06/16/2010
June17, 2010: Evaluators' Session: Using and Implementing Goal Attainmen... Presenters/Facilitators Amy Gaumer Erickson, Ph.D., KS & MO SPDG Evaluator, University of Kansas, Center for Research on Learning Moni... 06/17/2010
July, 19, 2010: SIG Day at OSEP Project Directors' Conference About SIG Day On the first day of OSEP Project Directors’ Conference the SIGnetwork hosts an afternoon session for Project Directors ... 07/19/2010
August 26, 2010: Parent Involvement Framework of Montana's Behavioral In... Presenters Susan Bailey-Anderson, Montana SPDG Director; Jennifer Calder, Program Coordinator, Montana Parent Information and Resource Center ... 08/26/2010
September 20, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter & Facilitator: Janet M. Sloand, Ed.D., Director, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network PaTTAN Topic:  Th... 09/20/2010
September 30, 2010: SPDG Directors Webinar: Disseminating Information an... Presenters: Don Barrett, OSEP Section 508 Coordinator for the Department of Education and Michael Ferguson, Vermont’s SPDG Co-Director and... 09/30/2010
October 25, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How to Work with your SPDG Ad... Presenters: Hollie Gabler Filce, Mississippi SPDG Coordinator and Amy Jenks, New Hampshire SPDG Coordinator Recording Presentation Fil... 10/25/2010
November 9, 2010: Implementation Conversations - Selection of Evidence ... Topic: How SEAs and LEAs choose innovations to support practices? Dianna Carrizales will provide an overview of Oregon's approach to sup... 11/09/2010
November 16, 2010: 2010 SPDG Cohort Kick-off Meeting Target Audience: 2010 SPDG Grant Awardees Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, SPDG Program Lead; Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator 2010... 11/16/2010
November 17, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How Washington is Using Prog... Presenters: Leslie Pyper, Washington SPDG Director and Gregory Roberts, Ph.D., Center on Instruction, Special Education Strand Recording ... 11/17/2010
December 7, 2010: SPDG Program Measure Discussion: Teacher Retention   This is one of several meetings hosted by OSEP to give SPDG personnel and evaluators an opportunity to provide feedback related to ... 12/07/2010
December 9, 2010: SPDG Directors' Webinar: How Mississippi is Working w... Presenters: Hollie Gabler Filce, Mississippi SPDG Coordinator, MS REACH; Patricia Gautier, Family Coordinator REACH MS; and Selina Merrell, Dist... 12/09/2010
December 14, 2010: Low Incidence Affinity Group Online Meeting Presenter: Gina Quintana, Senior Consultant, Colorado Department of Education Recording  (begins 4:40 into the session) Resources ... 12/14/2010
January 12, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Models of and Evaluating Profe... Presenters: Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D., OSEP; Julie Morrison, Ph.D., Ohio SPDG Evaluator, University of Cincinnati; Cheryl “Li” Walter, ... 01/12/2011
January 18, 2011: SPDG Evaluators' Webinar - Problem Solving & Response ... Description: Invited presenters Jose Castillo and Clark Dorman will describe in-depth how they are using the Self-Assessment of Problem Solving ... 01/18/2011
March 14, 2011: SPDG Perfomance Measurement Call #1 Description: This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input to OSEP on the proposed SPDG Performance Measurement revisions that were... 03/14/2011
March 17, 2011: Evaluators' Webinar Title: Measuring Implementation: School-Wide Instructional Staff Perspective SESSION RECORDING: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/fmsjvcr ... 03/17/2011
March 24, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Innovation Fluency Presenters: Karen Blase, Ph.D., SISEP Center and Jane Splean, Nevada SPDG Project Director. Description What Is “It” and How D... 03/24/2011
March 29, 2011: SPDG Performance Measurement Call #2 Description This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input to OSEP on the proposed SPDG Performance Measurement revisions that wer... 03/29/2011
March 30, 2011 SPDG Continuation Reporting Q &A Session Recording: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/rrkhcwh Facilitator: Jennifer Coffey, Ph.D, OSEP Project Officer, 2011 Continu... 03/30/2011
April 12, 2011: SPDG Performance Measurement Call #3 Description: This call was an opportunity for projects to provide input on the methodology for OSEP's SPDG Performance Measurement revisions... 04/12/2011
April 19: Directors' PD Series - Professional Development for Administra... Session Recording - Audio/presentation begins at 21:31 : https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/kxmhyzp Presenters: Cynthia Mruczek, Interim Assist... 04/19/2011
April: PLC Event Listing Family Engagement Next Call: April 18, 3:00-4:00pm Eastern Join Link: https://tadnet.ilinc.com/join/ywzttyp Dial-In: 1-888-44... 01/01/2011
May 10, 2011: Implementation Conversation Topic: The Challenges of Building Capacity for Implementation Science in Rural States Presenter: Michael Ferguson, Co-Director, Vermont SPD... 05/10/2011
September 13, 2011: Implementation Conversations Topic: TBD Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern / 2:00 – 3:00pm Central/ 1:00 - 2:00pm, Mountain/ 12:00 – 1:00pm Pacific Joi... 09/13/2010
November 8, 2011: Implementation Conversations Topic: TBD Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm Eastern / 2:00 – 3:00pm Central/ 1:00 - 2:00pm, Mountain/ 12:00 – 1:00pm Pacific Joi... 11/08/2010